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welcome the new mom and baby home with customized cheap 99¢ welcome home baby shower invites with her friends and family

Find Cheap 99¢ Baby Shower Welcome Home Invitations After the Birth

If you're wanting to host a baby shower, but the expectant mom-to-be wants to wait until after the baby is born, why not consider one of the fastest growing types, the welcome home baby shower party? There are a number of advantages to choosing this type of baby party celebration. Three are lots of advantages for choosing this type of celebration, not the least is that the baby and new mom are all settled in their new home and the invited guest and make the new baby the center of attention. You'll want to create truly original and unique welcome home baby shower invitations, presently discounted to 99¢, a gigantic 45% savings, to send. For those special wordings, we invite you to view our large database of colorful free baby shower welcome home invitation wording ideas

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The Welcome Home Baby Showers Event

Although the name suggests you would be popping out and shouting "Surprise!" the moment the new mom and the baby return from the hospital, that's not necessarily the case. You can choose to go that route but only if you know the mother-to-be is going to feel like having a shower party after she's gone through labor and spent a bit of time in the hospital. Don't be upset if she prefers waiting a few days so she can recover and rest up a bit. In fact, one of the challenges of this type of event is sending those custom baby shower welcome home invitations out in time to get people to attend and planning the baby shower games.

Good Reasons to Send Personalized Baby Shower Welcome Home Invitations: One advantage is that this type of celebration can actually be thrown by the parents. You can combine the invites with the baby announcement and ask everyone to attend a casual get together to welcome the baby into the family. Most people will bring a gift but because the event is casual parents shouldn't register for gifts or expect them. However, it is a good idea to be prepared with thank you cards just in case. You might want to view our exclusive collection of baby shower invitation wordings, verses and sayings in advance.

Another advantage for the parents is that some guests may take pity on them and offer gifts that will help them get through those first few months of child rearing. For example, a guest might buy gift certificates for a massage or spa treatment for the mom. Another guest might offer a few hours of babysitting each week to give the parents a much needed break. Plus, welcome home baby showers can be a good option if another party was planned for before the baby's birth by someone else.