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A family member or friend is about to have a baby and you want to celebrate by hosting a baby shower party for her. That's a very popular and fantastic idea, especially if it's the first for the happy parents. Babies require lots of material things and a celebration of this sort is definitely a great way to help the expecting parents get many of those needed items while also giving the family a chance to celebrate the happy news. However, what if the parents want to wait until the baby has been born and brought home from the hospital? Has the time for a big celebration passed? Of course NOT! When you host an event after the baby has been born and is home, these type celebrations are called a Welcome Home Baby Shower Party, and you'll want to ensure you baby shower welcome home invitation wording reflects the type event you are hosting. You can find sample ideas and suggestions below that may be used for inspiration, used in part, or total. Additionally, following the wordings, you will find a few welcome home sample baby shower invitation designs, currently discounted by 45%+ to 99¢ each, guaranteed to impress and please.

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Soft as a whisper so precious and sweet,
Tiny perfection from her head to her feet!

Join us to see her at a
Welcome Home Baby Shower

Yvette Sims

(date, time and location)

Construction is finally complete
The baby came, a brand new son
Soon it'll be big trucks and piles of dirt
But for now it's a shower for a brand new mom

Please join us for a
Welcome Home Baby Shower

Brenda Leigh Owens

(date, time and location)

Just a little get together
will be such a treat
in honor of someone we
would like you to meet!

A Welcome Home Baby Shower for
the new mommy,
Sandra Milestone

(date, time and location)

It's raining - It's pouring
Now that Joan and Richard
have had their baby,
their spirits are souring!

This is your

Welcome Home Baby Shower Invitation

to help prepare them for
brighter days ahead

Please join us
(date, time and location)

This precious soul,
so sweet and new.
This little life,
a dream come true

Please help us welcome
Baby Jeremy
at a
Welcome Home Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

The new baby won't need
a playpen or crib
So just bring the small stuff
like bottles and bibs
So bring something by for all to see,
A light showering of things
that baby Carrie will need

Please join us at a
Welcome Home Baby Shower for

Angela Richards

(date, time and location)

Star Light, Star Bright
A new little baby to cuddle and love
To spoil just a little
and think the world of,
A bundle from Heaven to simply adore,
Now who in the world
could ask for more!

Please help us welcome home
Brandy Elizabeth Braxton

at a Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Bottles and booties and bibs galore
April and Tom had one more! Big Sister Haley and Big Brother Tim
have plenty to share, But we want to show
the new baby that we care
at a
Welcome Home Baby Shower

Elizabeth Owens

(date, time and location)

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Featured Wordings for Welcome Home Baby Showers

The traditional welcome home shower party is typically given within the first three months after the birth. Since you don't want to plan the event within the first month which typically allows the new parents time to adjust to their new schedule, you will likely plan for the second or third month. And, although most of the invited guest will already know, you'll certainly want to include in the baby shower welcome home invitation wordings the type celebration it is.

Unlike the more traditional events, you'll definitely want to host it in the new mom's home. But, you and your co-hostess will need to plan on a totally different preparation and clean up plan since you will be 'imposing' on the new mother. Hosting it there will save the stress of disrupting the infant's schedule with a trip to a public location, like a restaurant or party hall. Additionally, the noise and meeting of lots of new people all at once will only add to the list of things that could go wrong. You'll want to keep it informal and simple at their home to help keep the stress level down. This idea also makes it much more likely that the new baby will be as happy as possible during all the activities.

By the second or third month, the newborn is likely to already on an establish sleep schedule so you'll definitely want to plan the celebration for a non-sleep or naptime. Don't under estimate the importance of this element cause you will definitely want the baby to be awake, alert, and happy while it is greeting his new family and friends, many for the first time. However, if the baby has not established a sleep schedule, then it's sort of the roll of the dice here. By the second month and beyond, most new babies have already begun sleeping more during the night and having a bit more awake time during the day, so if it's possible or more practical, you might want to hold off until that age to host the event.

Sample Welcome Home Invitation Sayings for Your Shower Party

With these type get-to-gathers, it is often better to keep it simple and short. This works best to accommodate the infant's sleep schedule. Since the theme is to welcome home the new mom and to meet the new baby, you probably don't have to plan for a lot of amusing or fun activities or games, but you can certainly mention those games you plan in your welcome home wording invitations. If all your guests already know each other, then, hopefully, they will have enough to talk about to keep themselves entertained. But, if that is not the case, then you will certainly want to lead the conversations so that everyone there can and do participate. It is advisable to prepare some ideas and topics in advance so you are better prepared for this situation.

As, with many of the other elements of this type event, the food can be much more informal. You might even try the potluck style or have it catered. However, if you choose the potluck, you'll definitely want to ensure it is appropriate for the guests you invited and the setting. This is much more commonly used for a group of friends and compared to a large group where everyone does not know each other. In those situations where it might not be appropriate or advisable, then catering might be your better alternative provided it's within your budget.

Decorations for these parties shouldn't be excessive, but a few decorations in the new mom's home can have all of the excitement and fun as the traditional shower before the baby's birth. You'll definitely want to consider that most, if not all the guests, will want to have their picture taken with the new baby. Your decorating ideas and plans should consider where the guest will be standing or sitting when they have their photo taken with the little one. You might want to make adjustments to help ensure the photographs come out well. And other considerations like the lighting are important since no one wants a picture where, say the window behind them is allowing too much light, thus causing a hot spot on the photo.

With just a slightly different mindset and planning, hosing a meet the baby will be a gigantic success. But, it all starts with just the right welcome home baby shower invite wordings you sent to all your invited guests. That way, they all have a much better understanding of the type celebration.