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Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Rely on Our Wedding Invitation Etiquette Suggestions with Confidence

Wedding invitation etiquette is something that all brides concern themselves with, especially when they begin to think about the wedding invitations they will need to order. If you want to invite guests to your wedding in an acceptable manner, then paying attention to wedding stationery etiquette is a definite must. offers you lots of free invitation wording samples for weddings so you can get the gist of what an invite should contain in the way of wordings. You can tweak the wording ideas we provide or use the examples for inspiration.

Wedding Stationery Etiquette For Your Guest List

As you begin to create your list of guest to invite, why not write out the list including the appropriate titles for each person? This way, when you get your invitation card from us and they are ready for mailing, you can transfer the information directly from your list to the envelopes you order. You should refrain from abbreviations unless you are using titles like Ms., Mr., Mrs., or Jr. In all other instances, titles are spelled out completely.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette - Additional Tips: As soon as you have figured out where you'll have your ceremony and you have everything booked, you should order your personalized invitations. You'll need to get them out in the mail six to eight weeks before the big day. To reduce your cost, we urge you to take advantage of our 10 free cards and free shipping, with minimum quantity purchased.

Want to save a step addressing envelopes? For just a small additional fee, we'll happily print return addresses on your envelopes so you can stick to wedding stationery etiquette more easily.

Important Wedding Invitation Etiquette to Follow