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more new brides are sending personalized wedding announcements, with custom wordings, to announce their marriage

Ensure Your Modern Designs and Wedding Announcement Wording are Remembered

During the past few decades the use of the marriage and wedding announcements and their design have changed considerable. Now, with the advanced technology offered by websites like us at, more and more new brides are deciding to send customized wedding announcement cards stationary and are looking for creative and unique designs along with flexible ordering and payment options. Our patented personalize and real time preview options not only have made ordering online so much easier, but the now enjoyable and simply act of customizing your announcements for wedding have also changed. Using our features, you can ensure you custom wedding announcements are totally unique and original. Our gigantic database of wedding announcement wordings samples and saying ideas ensures no one sends out a wedding announcing card just like yours. You may use our wording samples in party, verbatim, or just for inspiration.

Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in love

It is with joy that we

Janice Marie Porter
Jonathan Allen Singletary

invite you to share in a
Celebration of love as we
exchange our marriage vows

Janice Marie Porter
Jonathan Allen Singletary
are happy to announce their marriage

Please join them for a celebration on

Mr and Mrs Samuel W. Porter and
Mrs Alison Stanley and Dr. Al Singletary

Because you've shared in their lives
by your friendship and love
We are very proud to share the happy news

Janice Marie Porter
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jones
Jonathan Allen Singletary
son of Mr. and Mrs. Al Singletary

were married in a small wedding

As the flower blooms and petals unfold
we're soon to say "to have and to hold"
We've made the plans and can hardly wait

Our wedding is near and here is the date
We're getting married on
September 21, (year)

Please join us for a day to remember

Janice Marie Porter and
Jonathan Allen Singletary

together with their children
are happy to announce their marriage

Please join them for a celebration on

Like a garden in Spring
life is full of dreams
Their eyes met and from the start
love was planted in their hearts

They were married on August 31st in Vegas

Life of caring and sharing
a love of endless giving together
The honor of your presence
is requested at the reaffirmation
of wedding vows of

Janice Marie Porter and
Jonathan Allen Singletary

Just letting you know
we were married
in a small ceremony

Mr and Mrs Samuel W. Porter and
Mrs Alison Stanley and Dr. Al Singletary

shave the honor of announcing
the marriage of their daughter,

Janice Marie Porter

and their son,
Jonathan Allen Singletary

The bridal bouquet was thrown
and the garter was tossed!

By all present, our love was known,
now we'll spread our joy to you!

Announcing the marriage of

(add details here)

With great joy
we are proud to announce
"We got Married"

We went Florida
and we rode the fairy
While we were there
"We got Married"

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Porter
are proud to announce the
Marriage of their daughter

Janice Marie
Jonathan Allen Singletary

After all the to do's
we finally said I do
We ran off and did not panic
Some would say that it's romantic

We are so in love
that we couldn't wait
I didn't have the patience
to wait for a date

We got Married!

We eloped to Vegas
and had a great time
We're proud to announce
we're now united as one

We didn't want a big wedding
All we wanted is to be united as one

We are proud to announce the
Marriage of

We're married now
and are as happy as can be
We're sending you a note
So you'll know where to find me

Two Hearts, One Love
Two Promises, One Covenant
Two Lives, made One in Christ

We are proud to announce
We were married in a small ceremony

Include Your Own Special Wording on a Marriage Wedding Announcement   

With the advent and advancements of e-commerce and the internet, the way people exchange ideas and share information has changed dramatically. And, these advancements can be of tremendous benefit to you since you now can share all of the important moments of your wedding with people at a distance in your announcement wordings sayings and verses. For instance, many people are setting up a simple website location where they post photos of their entire wedding activities, beginning with the engagement announcement, bridal party, the marriage ceremony, and the key moments during your reception. Sharing pictures of your wedding is one of the best ways to include those who could not attend your wedding and reception by seeing all the wonderful and unforgettable moments you experienced.

Wedding and Marriage Announcements – Choosing Your Designs in Advance

It's really not a good idea to wait until after you get married to design your announcement cards for marriage. If you want to add an image or photo to your announcing stationery, you include your favorite picture of you and your future husband as you are inserting your wedding announcement wordings. Or, if you have a professional engagement photo taken, you can add that picture instead. If you have a photograph of you and your soon-to-be spouse out on a date having a fantastic time together, then this would be a great inclusion. Any photo you have of you and your significant other is ideal for a marriage announcement.

Customizing Your Announcements for Wedding and Marriage with Unique Words

You can order customized announcing cards from us at CardsShoppe with your own wordings, sayings, or perhaps a catch verse. When you add your own words, you can include a website address on the announcement stationary, and a small suggestion like 'visit our wedding website to see our wedding highlights'. If you don't want to create your own website, but you have the skill to develop a video containing pictures, you can upload your video online and share the video location on your announcements as well on lots of social media sites. This method is exploding in popularity nowadays.

With us at Cards Shoppe, you can even share photographs right on your wedding marriage announcements. Just upload an image and it will be added to your cards along with the wedding marriage announcement wordings you have added.