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anniversary invitations symbolize the emotional bond of a the married couple and celebrates the strength of their marriage

Custom Wedding Anniversary Invitations Crafted with Superior Anniversary Touches

Personalized wedding anniversary invitations are stationery selections that are ideal for all anniversary milestones, including 10th, silver 25th, 50th golden, and more. Any anniversary party invitation you choose will usually include the number of years the couple has been married. The invitation cards offered by shares this vital information in two ways - through the use of color and embellishments, and through appropriate invitation wording. Since the stationery you buy from us symbolizes the emotional bond between the married couple, and you are literally celebrating the strength of a marriage, the invites you order should also be printed on quality, durable materials. We invite you to browse our gigantic collection of wedding anniversary invitation wordings, sayings, verses, and quote samples.

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The Quality Behind Our Anniversary Party Invitations

Anniversary Invites and the Importance of Resilient Card Stock - The celebratory message you are sharing with invited guests is, in essence, acknowledging the unbreakable marital bond between two people. Thus, the stationery conveying your message needs to correspond with the strength of the marriage. At the same time, your message needs to be shared in a refined and elegant way. In such an instance, only 80 pound, lignin and acid-free paper will do - the paper is light enough to appear elegant but durable enough to make your invitation cards a lasting keepsake.

Elegant Wedding Anniversary Invitation Options - Having your stationery printed on pure white, pristine, Avon Crest cards stock ensures that your invitations are absolutely gorgeous when they are printed. Our white paper products augment the decorations while simultaneously complementing the symbolic use of color in your printed communications. We'll always include matching envelopes crafted out of the same quality paper, so you end up with an attractive matching stationery set that complements each other.

Ultimately, the quality of the paper you have your creative wedding anniversary invitations printed on is just as important as the design and wording.