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Chick Baby Shower Wordings for 99¢ Twin, Triplet, and Other Multiple Party Invitations

Unique Twins Triplets Multiples Baby Shower Invitation Wordings for 99¢ Party Invite Cards

If one baby is a blessing then two babies deserve double the fun party celebration, just as three or more would. And, if you're the one in charge of coordinating this fund and exciting event, then you'll definitely want to ensure that you're incorporating this special news into the event with the invitation wordings for twin triplet and multiple baby shower party. One of the first elements will be selecting the trendy and chic baby shower party invites for twins triplets multiples, currently discounted by 45%+ to 99¢ per invitation that are available on our web pages at You will find lots of baby shower invitation wordings for twins triplets and multiples next, followed by a few of the more popular baby shower invitation designs, especially for multiples, including twins and triplets.

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Find Multiple Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples for Twins and Triplet Party Below Cards

We are excited "two" announce
We have "two" babies on their way

Please join us at a
Twin Baby Shower in honor of

Gail Givens

(date, time and location)

We counted our blessings
and were thankful for one,
Now that we found out we are having twins
this will just double the fun!

Please join us at a
Twins Baby Shower
Lynne Smith

(date, time and location)

Good things come in triplicate
as you can see!
If you haven't heard the news
Sidney and Paul
are "more than" expecting

The day will soon be here
when everyone gets to meet all three!

Before that day arrives
let's get them ready
with a
Triplet Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Their room is ready,
the time is getting near.
We can hardly wait until
the twins are here!

Join us for a Baby Shower in honor of

Connie Jefferson

(date, time and location)

Double the love
and double the joys...
It's a Baby Shower
for twin baby boys!!

Please join us to celebrate
the up coming arrival
of Twins at a Baby Shower for

Theresa Gomez

(date, time and location)

Bottles and booties,
bibs and more...
Let's shower the babies
with gifts galore!

Please join us at a
Twin Baby Shower
in honor of

Carrie James

(date, time and location)

They've been blessed with
not just one, or two

Leslie and Ryan

are expecting Triplets
So .. They need a baby shower
more than ever!

Please join us
(date, time and location)

Twice as precious and twice as much fun
They've been blessed two times,
rather than one!

Please join us to celebrate
the up coming arrival
of Twins at a Baby Shower for

Regan Marie Towers

(date, time and location)

One in pink and one in blue,
The Smith Twins will soon be due!
Join us for a
Twin's Baby Shower

Kelly Jefferson

(date, time and location)

Two sets of hands
two sets of eyes!
Twins are such a delightful surprise!

Please join us for a
Twin Baby Shower honoring

Josie Butler

(date, time and location)

Are there two blue,
or two pink?
Or is it one of each
Come tell us what you think!

Please join us for a
Twin Baby Shower
in honor of

Carrie Harrington

(date, time and location)

Dawn's expecting TWINS
but she's making us wait
To see them arrive on her due date
Will it be blue or will she need pink?
Come celebrate with her
and tell us what you think!

Please join us for a
Twin Baby Shower honoring

Dawn Woods

(date, time and location)

Double the diapers,
Double the pins...
Double the sleepers,
Constance is expecting twins!

Please join us for a
Twin Baby Shower honoring

Leslie Rose Brown

(date, time and location)

Construction is almost completed
Soon there will be TWO NEW BABIES to meet
There will be big trucks and piles of dirt,
But for now it's a shower for a great mom

It's a TWIN Baby Shower honoring

Teresa Ramirez

(date, time and location)

They're expecting two babies
Two bundles of joy..
A very special gift,
a girl and a boy!

Please join us at a
Baby Shower

Cathy Miller

(date, time and location)

Please join us to celebrate
before the babies are due,
It's going to be fun because
One is Pink and One is Blue!

Please join us at a
Baby Shower

Kathy Lindsey

(date, time and location)

view baby shower invitation sample designs for twins, triplets, or other multiples for mom-to-be party celebrations

Twins – Triplets – Other Multiples Baby Party

Baby Shower Invites for Twins Triplets Other Multiples

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Invitations Wordings for Multiple, Twin, Triplet Baby Shower Parties

Having multiples is going to require more of everything that one child would, such as diapers, bottles and especially patience. That's why it's important to let your invited guests know that you're expecting multiple babies, which can easily be included in your invitation card sayings. Since this is so important, we maintain an extensive database of free word ideas for your exclusive use. Additionally, our specialized stationery offers a great deal of variety, all with themes such as a stork bringing more than one baby to a new home, and two precious babies in front of castle.

In fact, most of our invite cards, you can even choose from between different sex combinations: only boys; only girls; or combination of the two sexes. This specialized stationary is an excellent way to introduce the shower guest to the sexes of the expecting mom's babies. So, regardless of whether you are having an adoption, coed couples, sprinkle, surprise, or welcome home party, we have the ideal shower invites wording ideas.

Decorating for Multiples Showering Party

Because the expectant parents will, no doubt, need lot of items for their new little ones, having a diaper cake would be a really useful idea. Since this is a fairly new addition to the event decorations and supplies, there are lots of online sites that offer these in a variety of themes. As the name suggests, these are cake-like structures made mostly out of diapers and ribbon. The diapers are reusable after they serve their purpose as decorations and complementing the theme and will be a huge help for new parents. Plus, you can decorate the cake with babies' items, such as rattles, pacifiers, and bottles.

Another idea for the twins is to have two of everything, including two real cakes, two types of dishes, two different color themes, and more. In fact, the number two could even be your party theme. You'll find plenty of decorating possibilities in the birthday section of invitations on our website.

Fun and Interesting Games for Triplet Shower Parties

After you have bought and mailed your invites, you'll probably want to begin brainstorming for game ideas that would be appropriate for the purpose of your celebration. For starters, you could play a game where people are ask to name famous twins in history, such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, and many others. Another idea would be to ask questions about television shows or movies featuring twins, such as The Parent Trap or Escape to Witch Mountain. The list of potential entertainment and amusements are endless.

Baby showers for multiple, triplets, and twins are great occasions for playing games. Women who are pregnant with more than one baby tend to deliver early. Since the babies will probably arrive early, you could have the attendees guest the exact date they think will be the actual arrival date. The guest who comes the closest to guessing the actual birth date wins a prize. Or, you could have a contest about the origin and history of baby showers.

Finding Just the Right Gifts

No multiples baby party could ever be complete without gifts. And, for the invited guests, two or more babies are going to mean twice the presents for the expectant mother. When the mother-to-be is registering for her gifts she should also remember this. Although it's considered inappropriate etiquette to suggest that guests purchase more than one of anything they buy, sending specific shower invitation wordings for twins triplets multiples will probably give them just the right nudge.