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Be Sincere When Writing Your Thank You Wedding Note Cards

Understanding the Importance of Wedding Thank You Note Cards

As you are planning your wedding, there might seem like an endless list of details that will need to be address; some important, some not so important and some an absolute must do. In addition to your decision about customized wedding invitations, you'll want to purchase your wedding thank you cards at the same time. By doing this, you're assured of accomplishing two important tasks: (a) having the thank you wedding cards on hand when you need them; (b) ensuring your thank yous match your invitations perfectly. And, with both the invites and note cards, we offer lots of wedding thank you note card wording ideas, samples, and verses for your exclusive use.

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Who to Send Thank You Wedding Note Cards To

Wedding note cards should be sent to those who attended your ceremony, reception, gave a gift, or who assisted you with your wedding and provided items needed for your wedding. And, don't forget those oh so special friends who helped, even if it is your best friend who was very much involved in the planning and running of your wedding and to whom you have probably already expressed your gratitude many times verbally. It would be extra special to even send thank you cards to your parents, although it is not a necessity. After all, who doesn't enjoy receiving a customized thank you written just for them?

Matching Your Wedding Invitations With Your Thank Yous

You should choose personalized invitations for your wedding and thank you wedding cards that complement your wedding theme. With dozens of thank you card designs, we at, offer features where you can add your very own text message and insert those words cards along with the custom wedding design. This, in essence, gives you custom wedding invites with exactly the wordings you want. Additionally, our options make it possible for you to select the marriage stationery design you want, add your unique words, and then preview your card before you buy. This pretty much takes most of the guesswork and delays out of ordering process. We offer quantities as small as 15 with no maximum quantity.

When to Mail Your Thank You Stationary Cards

You should plan on writing and mailing your thank yous within two to four weeks after the wedding ceremony. In cases of extremely large weddings or extended honeymoons, it could take a little longer, but it should not be extended beyond three months. Historically, the preparation and mailing of the note cards have been done by the bride, but there is certainly no etiquette rule to prevent the groom from assisting or even doing this significant task, especially to his family and invited guests.

Write with an Appreciative Tone, Theme, and Purpose

You'll definitely want to write your uniquely worded wedding note cards with an attitude of true appreciation and gratitude, and using personal and individual. This is best accomplished by mentioning the gift and how you intend to use it. This will ensure that your guests are properly thanked for the thoughtfulness and kindness, which they put into choosing your gift.

The actual wordings should be genuine, sincere and reflect your appreciation for the gift or thoughtfulness of the giver. There are no 'right' things to say, as long as you 'thank' the person in your own words. For a little help here, we encourage you to visit our large database of thank you card wording samples and suggestions. You might try any of those to get you started.