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Thank You Photo Note Cards That Will be Appreciated

Photo Thank You Cards with Personalized Picture

Sending thank you cards is always a good idea when someone has done something you appreciate. However, if you really want to make a memorable impression consider using Printed Photo Thank You Cards as a way of expressing your gratitude. However, if Photo Invitations or Photo Announcements were used, be sure that the two have the same picture.

What are Photo Cards?

These thank you photo cards are basically the same as your standard thank you card. Most will contain a pre-printed message but others are blank so you can write your own note to the recipients. They can be used for almost any type of occasion or event. Of course, what really sets them apart is that you customize them by adding your own graphic or photo to the front instead of choosing from art that has already been printed on them. By choosing this option, you'll be giving your guests something a little more personal that will make it more special.

Good Reasons for Using Thank You Photo Cards

Sending a wedding photo thank you is one of the best reasons to use them. You can include a photograph from your wedding photo invitations on the front that will make a wonderful keepsake for anyone who receives them and could even substitute as a nice wedding favor if your budget is tight. Remember that the cards still need to be sent out as quickly as possible.

Creating Verses Thank You Cards

Even with these custom Photo Thank You Cards, you don't want to simply stick the card in an envelope and send it on its way. Instead, you need to write a personal message in each of your photo thank you notes. The message can be brief but should include a mention of what was purchased or given. For example, you might write the following message in your photo wedding thank you cards: "Thank you so much for the silver gravy boat you purchased. Rob and I love it. We both hope you can join us for dinner one evening so you can see how beautiful it looks on the table yourself." Again, you want these to match your photo bridal shower invitations.

If you can't handle writing all of the messages on your custom photo thank you cards yourself, split the task between multiple people. Saying thank you isn't just a woman's job anymore.