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sending custom and discounted 99¢ surprise baby shower invitations can be satisfying, rewarding, and challenging, but a great big hit if organized correctly

Surprise Baby Showers Invitations, Discounted to 99¢, Keeping the Party a Secret

Surprise baby showers are usually a bit more challenging to host than an event where the guest of honor knows all about your party planning endeavors. You don't have the advantage of being able to discuss key event planning elements with the future mommy-to-be. You'll need to be quite clever with your surprise baby shower party planning tactics. You can start out by getting high quality, personalized 99¢ surprise baby shower invitations, presently discounted by 45%+, with exclusive designs from so you can secretly bring guests together. And, to ensure you have the most current and popular invitation wording samples for surprise baby showers, we offer our unique database for suggestions.

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Surprise Baby Showers Invitations - Keeping it a Secret

Today, with all the modern communication devices and methods, keeping something a secret is harder than ever. You'll have to let all your guests know that you're planning a celebration, and that it is an unexpected event for the future mom-to-be. You might also want to subtly and politely remind your invited guests not to "let the cat out of the bag," before the big day. For instance, it might be a good idea to suggest to guests to avoid discussing the event on social media pages, since the honoree might come across the discussion online.

Surprise Baby Shower Invites - Using Careful Invitation Wording: We let you craft the invitation wordings on the stationery you choose, so you can suggest to guests the need for total secrecy. In addition to the party details, you can emphasize the secrecy surrounding your event, and you can put a notation like, "Please do not share party details on social media pages." With our 10 free cards, free shipping and same day printing and shipping features, you're sure to benefit greatly from these advantages.

Surprise baby showers might be a bit more difficult to plan and organize, but they can be fun when the guest of honor is totally surprised!