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Find Surprise Baby Shower Invitations Wordings for 99¢ Party Invites

Anyone who has planned and hosted a surprise baby shower party knows that it requires lots of clever and detailed planning. While a regular event like this is always discussed with the expecting mommy-to-be, a surprise shower, by its very nature, has to remain a secret until the big day. There are lots of invitation wording for your baby shower surprise party invitation card, currently discounted by 45%+ to 99¢ to help ensure that the secrecy is maintained, and is a big part of this planning. Since you can customize your words on your surprise invitation cards, you can let every guest know that the party you are hosting is a big surprise to the guest of honor, the mom-to-be. We invite you to view a sampling of our baby shower party invitation verses, quotes, sayings, and wording ideas below, followed by a few sample invite designs, guaranteed to impress.

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Find Baby Shower Invitation Wording Samples for Party Below Cards

Cars and trucks or ribbons and bows
What are they having? Nobody knows

What we do know is that
we're having a Surprise Baby Shower

Colleen Parks

(date, time and location)

Let's wrap our best wishes and shower our

Lindsey Moore

Please join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Rattles, Blankets, Bottles and Bibs!
Theses are some of the things
you can bring to a Baby Shower for

Angela Mile

But ... Shhhh ... It's a Surprise!

(date, time and location)

Girls need pink, Boys need blue
What will Lily's baby be?
We haven't a clue!
So let's get her clothes and maybe a toy
anything that would be good
for a precious girl or boy!

Please join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower
Holly Holden

(date, time and location)

Courtney is about to pop
Come celebrate with us
before the baby drops!

But don't breathe a word
because it's a Surprise
We want to see Courtney's face
with a gleam in her eyes

Please join us
(date, time and location)

Our guest of honor

Constance Blake

will be so surprised
I bet when she sees it,
she will get teary eyed

Please join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

A Surprise Baby Shower
is on the way
six thirty is the time
and the seventeenth is the day

We'll open gifts and
see if Judy has picked out a name
We'll sing some songs and
play some silly baby shower games

Please join us at a
Surprise Baby Shower for
Judy Bluestone
(date, time and location)

Heard the forecast
a baby is predicted
but first here is your invitation
to a Surprise Baby Shower for

Courtney Jean Rushing

(date, time and location)

We're throwing a
Surprise Baby Shower for

Lauren Anderson

She needs some baby girl stuff
Yes, we know that keeping it quite
is going to be tough,
but the look on her face
will be priceless when she sees
all the pretty things
like ribbons and lace

Please join us
(date, time and location)

A new member of the Ramsey
family is on its way,
Let's have a Baby Shower
to help prepare for the big day!

The Baby Shower
is going to be a Surprise.
We can't wait to see
the look in her eyes

Please join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower
in honor of

(date, time and location)

We're having a Surprise Baby Shower
but Constance doesn't know
Just bring a baby gift
That will fit the baby from head to toe

Please join us for a
Surprise Baby Shower
Karen Wilkes

(date, time and location)

Ice cream and pickles
have been her craving
Boy or girl?
is the secret they are saving!
We have a secret of ours she doesn't know
We're having a
Surprise Baby Shower
to help dress the baby from it's head to it's toes

(date, time and location)

In all of life, there seems a time
when wishes do come true.
Now this comes to let you know
they're expecting someone new!

We thought about it and
decided the next
big thing is to
Surprise them at a
Baby Shower

Please join us
(date, time and location)

The new baby won't
need a playpen or crib
So just bring the small stuff
like bottles & bibs
We're having a
Surprise Baby Shower indeed
a light showering of things
that baby will need

Please join us to SURPRISE

Aubrey Jacobs

(date, time and location)

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Unique Words for Surprise Invites

When it comes to these type events, planning is usually a bit tricky. One idea is to contact one of the expecting mother's closest relatives or friends to create the guest list and to choose a theme that the guest of honor will appreciate. For example, you might want to chat with the soon-to-be grandmother, the mommy-to-be- siblings, or even her spouse. You should also get some ideas about games and food selections. As you talk about party ideas, designate a person who will get the honoree to the party at the right time on the right day, without giving away what is going on! Also, your invitation wordings should include these details and where the honoree is registered so that all the guests know what gifts to buy.

Party Stationery Sayings for Your Special Celebration

At CardsShoppe, you can easily order all of the invites, with the cutest sayings, for your celebration. You can order your stationary with a preprinted saying on it, telling guests about the event or you can hand write the information on all your invites when you get them. If you are afraid you will forget to include the "element of surprise" information, you might want to have the details preprinted on your stationary. If you are unable to find exactly what you want, then give us a call and allow us to assist you.

Since you will be making important decisions, you'll definitely want to preview your invites before you complete your order. Our patented personalize and real time preview features enable you to view your custom baby shower invitation surprise wording before you pay a penny.