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etiquette for invitations and announcements stationery can seem a bit challenging for the do's and don'ts of society

Rely on Our Etiquette for Invitations and Announcements Stationery Suggestions

Good invitation etiquette is a concept that every hostess faces when attempting to word invitation announcement cards correctly. Invitations etiquette can seem like a lot to deal with, especially when considering all the societal "dos and don'ts" that you'll need to remember as you search for your own unique design. Of course, if you are a newly married bride or hosting a party and you plan on sending out announcements, you'll need to become familiar with announcement etiquette too.

Also, when you are prepared to mail your selections, do so while keeping in mind the time constraints that every person deals with - make sure you give several weeks notice before your actual wedding date. Because everyone seems to be in a rush these days, we help by offering same day print and ship on all orders, our Guarantee, and offer 10 free cards and free shipping to help you reduce your card cost. Find the type etiquette of interent to you below.

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Tips for Invitation Stationery Etiquette

Stationery Etiquette Guidelines for InvitationsStationery Etiquette Guidelines for Invitations - Whatever wordings you ultimately decide to have printed on your invitation cards, you'll need to give your choices a once over for accuracy. You'll want to pay careful attention to the spelling of names, addresses, and the venue for your event. Offering accurately printed invites to guests is one way of illustrating your attentiveness to detail.

Important Announcement Etiquette Guidelines to Be Mindful of - Just as accurate spelling is vital for all invites, it is equally important when you are dealing with printed announcements. The guidelines for mailing your announcement cards differ from mailing invitations, as these should be mailed within about two weeks from the date your wedding, baby birth, or move occurred.

At, we have hundreds of exclusive designs available to consider in terms of wordings and invitation stationery etiquette.