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Unique Baby Shower Wording for 99¢ 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and More Sprinkle Party Invitation

If your family member or friend is about to have a baby, then you'll probably want to celebrate by hosting a baby shower in her honor. That's a great and fun idea, even in those situations when it is not the mom-to-be's first child. After all, a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or even the 5th baby will need new things also. New babies require a lot of stuff and a shower party is definitely one of the best ways to help the parents-to-be get many of those things they, and the new baby, are going to need. And, it's also an excellent reason for getting friends and family together to celebrate the happy and exciting news. But, before you start planning the big event, you will need to begin shopping for the affordable, chic, and most of all, discounted 99¢ sprinkle baby shower party invites and customize with some really cute sprinkle invitation wordings sayings verses for baby showers, available exclusively at Please find a sampling of some really great quotes, verses, quotes, and ideas next.

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Find Baby Shower Sprinkle Invitation Wording Samples for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and More Baby Below Cards

Little babies are so much fun
Sonya and John are having another one!

We're throwing a baby sprinkle indeed
Bring all the small things they will need

Please join us at a
Sprinkle Baby Shower for

Eaton Black

(date, time and location)

No need to buy
all the big stuff this time
Cause big sister, Brittany
is always kind.
She's going to share
with the bundle of joy,
So just bring the small stuff
for the new baby boy.

A Sprinkle Baby Shower for

LeAnn Trenton

(date, time and location)

Remember when Sonya's
first baby arrived?
We threw her a shower
and she was surprised.
Now she's having baby number two,
but this time a baby sprinkle will do.

Please join us at a
Sprinkle Baby shower
To honor

Sandra Spellings

(date, time and location)

She already has all the big baby stuff,
but having enough diapers
can be kinda tough.
So let's sprinkle her with stuff
like diapers and wipes,
So she'll have what she needs
for those long, busy nights.

Please join us at a
Sprinkle Baby shower
to honor

Julie Banes

(date, time and location)

If you wish to bring something nice
for the new bundle of sugar and spice,
You can certainly bring her toys and clothes,
but the mommy-to-be has plenty of those!

She'd much rather have some bottles and food
to help calm the baby's hungry moods.
So bring little gifts filled with love,
and let's celebrate her gift from above.

You're invited to a
Sprinkle Baby Shower

Kay Givens

(date, time and location)

There once was a time when
we all heard her say, I'm done...
Guess what is cooking in the oven?
a new little honey bun!

It's a Sprinkle Baby Shower
to honor

Amber Brighton

(date, time and location)

We're having a party for our favorite couple,
you see Karen and Steven
are having baby number three!
Bring only necessities,
for they have plenty of toys
We hope you can come
and share in their joy!

A Sprinkle Baby Shower
in honor of

Kelly Blackstone

(date, time and location)

Baseball, football or tennis, anyone?
Lookout Little League,
here comes the Walsh's second son

Please join us for a
Sprinkle Baby Shower honoring

Gayle Anne Black

(date, time and location)

Deborah's expecting again
but she's making us wait
to see who arrives on her due date.
Will it be blue or will she need pink?
Come celebrate with her
and tell us what you think!

Please join us for a
Sprinkle Baby Shower honoring

Deborah Winston

(date, time and location)

Construction has been going on
in the Jefferson household
for years now, however,
the newest addition is almost complete
Soon it'll be big trucks and piles of dirt,
But for now, there is a completion alert

Please join us for a
Sprinkle Baby Shower
in honor of

Rochelle Payton

(date, time and location)

The new baby won't need a playpen
or crib So just bring the small stuff
like bottles and bibs
Remember it's a baby sprinkle indeed
A light showering of things
that baby will need

Please join us at a
Sprinkle Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Bottles and booties and bibs galore
Beth and Nathan are having one more!
Big Sister Natalie and Big Brother Ben
have plenty to share,
But we want to show the new baby we care
So Sprinkle some love for the happy family,
at a Sprinkle Shower, what fun it will be!

(date, time and location)

Wording Samples for Baby Shower Sprinkle Party

When most people think of a shower, their first thought is about the traditional one. However, there are lots of other options that might be better suited for a particular family's situation. For example, are they welcoming a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or more child? If so, you might consider throwing a sprinkle baby shower. These events will be a little bit different since the new mom will have already had one or more showers and might have many of the things that are normally given as gifts. However, there are always things that a new baby needs other than those handed downs items from older brothers or sisters.

Additionally, since the new mom is will be coming home to a family already there, she might appreciate a little quite time for herself and her husband. You might want to consider or suggest maybe baby sitting for a night to relieve the new parents. Or, you might want to bring a dish over occasionally just to give the new mom some relief. And, there's always the ever popular and always needed stash of diapers. No one ever has too many.

Wordings for Sprinkle Baby Party

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