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a sleepover slumber party is a more popular way celebrating the birthday of your pre-teen or tween daughter or son

Make Your Popular and Trendy Slumber Sleepover Party Invitation Wording Impressive

Planning a tween party can involve a lot of thought, work, and fun. As children get older their interests and ideas of what constitutes a party begin to change. It is much more common nowadays for both girls and boys to have sleepovers and a sleepover slumber party could be just the thing for your preteens and tweens, as the term is often used. A slumber sleep over party is a good way of celebrating the birthday of your pre-teen daughter or son. Obviously the number of guests at a slumber party will be limited to the number kids that you can comfortably accommodate. On the positive side, this means fewer slumber sleepover birthday party invitation cards to be concerned about. As you are customizing your party invites, the details of your invitation wordings for sleepover slumber party become that much more important. To assist, we have provide some of the more popular invite wordings, sayings and verses below for your exclusive use.

Giggling, talking, and late night fun
at my slumber party is where it's done
It's in the bag and we must celebrate
We'll eat pizza, watching movies
and stay up late

We'll order pizza and
watch movies too
And do all the things
that tween girls like to do
like paint our nails and paint our toes
and stay up all night
as everyone knows

You're invited to Holly's 11th
sleepover slumber birthday party

Come snuggle under the covers
As a scary movie is planned

We'll eat pizza, pop popcorn
and the boys will be banned

at Jamie's sleepover 12th birthday party

Snack foods and pillow fights
Telling stories till dawns early light
Beauty tips and doing our hair
and talking about boys
If only my parents weren't gonna be there
Wear your PJ's and join us for a
Elaine's 12th slumber birthday party

Bring your sleeping bag
and pillow too
I'm having a sleepover
and I'm inviting you
Bring your favorite tunes as
we'll dance the night away
Then try to stay up
'till the light of day

Ashley's 11th birthday slumber party

Summer sun
beach balls and fun
Stay up all night
'till dawn's morning light
at Jane's slumber sleepover party

Bring your pillow
and your sleeping bag too
And join us for an evening
of magic and fun
We won't worry about time because
Nancy is turning the Big 1-0!

Pizza and ice cream cones
If only my parents
weren't going to be home
We're staying up all night
Talking 'til the morning light

Want you come to Linda's
11th sleepover birthday party

Wear you Hawaiian shirts
and hula skirts
and we'll provide the leis
Eat roasted pig
out by the pool
and limbo like a fool!

Join us for Jane's
12th Sleepover birthday party

Creating Slumber Sleepover Party Invitation Wordings for the Girls

A sleepover slumber birthday celebration is usually easier to plan and manage if you have some sort of theme. A girl’s sleep over and slumber theme might include a favorite girl band where only the music from certain predetermined bands is played and the children can watch videos related to that band. The girls at these type get togethers can have a great time feasting on popcorn while watching a sloppy movie and giggling half the night. Just remember that you'll likely find yourself kept awake half the night by the giggling and whispering that young girls indulge in. Your slumber invite wordings should include a few of these details.

Tween Boys Sleep Over Slumber Party Invitation Wording Ideas

If you are considering a birthday sleepover party for tween boys, the same sort of guidelines used for the girls will apply for the guys. The number of slumber party guests will be fewer, which is good considering how boisterous and noisy and boys can be. Again, a boy's birthday slumber party will be much easier to plan and organize if you coordinate with a theme. Suggestions include themes involving wrestling, football, or other similar sports ideas. The tween guys can play computer games and watch videos related to the theme you have selected. But, as with the girls, you should be prepared to lose some sleep with these type parties. Again, you'll want your sleepover party invitation wordings to include these particulars.

And, What About the Growing Popularity of Coed Slumber Sleepover Parties?

As the tweens become older, the guests at slumber parties become more of an issues. At these ages, the girls and boys have reached the age when they start becoming more interested in co-ed parties as opposed to separate boy-girl events. When, and if, you decide that your child is mature enough for a coed sleepover slumber party, then one of the first thing you need to decide is whether you think you can accommodate both boys and girls. However, you will want to be mindful of the parents of those you are considering inviting and ensure your sleepover slumber party invite wordings include this important detail.

Planning Activities for a Co-ed Slumber Sleepover Party

One popular idea for coed parties is to rewind back a few years to beach party days where kids could dance to the music from a portable tape or record player while feasting on cokes and hot dogs. And, don't forget about all the other things that you try to keep to a minimum for the rest of the year. Regardless of the chosen theme, you will still need to decide whether your sleep over co-ed party is going to be gender specific or include both sexes. One popular alternative is to have the beginning of the evening mixed with both girls and boys, but when it comes time to sleep, separate the two by gender. By separating the two genders, it makes the sleeping arrangements much easier. But, again, you will want to ensure your invitation wordings for sleepover slumber party include the details that it is a coed event.