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Wording Sample Ideas for Retirement Invitations and Announcements

Creative and Unique Retirement Invitation Announcement Wording Suggestions

Retirement invitation announcement wording is not a task you have to struggle with, even if you feel that you might have difficulty coming up with the right kind of wordings, verses or sayings. Many people who buy stationery can sometimes slightly intimidated with the thought of having to develop retirement invitations wordings, but there's no need to worry. Creating retirement announcement wording or invite phrases only takes a bit of imagination and the use of free retirement party invitations personalizing and instant preview features offered by So, whether you are retiring or honoring a person who is retiring and from a large or small business, we can help by ensuring the invitations for the retirement party celebration are the most stylish designs available anywhere.

Find Lots of Retirment Party Invitation Announcement Wording Samples

Grandview Industries' Directors
cordially invite you to attend
a retirement reception, honoring

Jessica Adams

"Celebrating 45 years in Service"
August 25th, (year)
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Name Where Event Held
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Please RSVP by

Please join us in wishing

Gabby Haynes

the very best wishes on her retirement
Friday, March 20th at
7:00 p.m.
Name Where Event Held
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Hosted by her Friends at
Sally Rhodes Consulting

He's taking his tie off for the last time!
It's retirement party for

Teddy Adams

There'll be Dancing and Dinner
Friday, July 10th, (year)
8 until midnight
Name Where Event Held
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Given with appreciation by
Thompson Industr

Those familiar Office walls are now his past
She's retiring to the sunny shores at last!

You're invited to a Retirement Party for

Dana Porter Thompson

Saturday, April 20th
at 7:00 p.m.
Name Where Event Held
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Hosted by:

After years of hard work and dedication
it's time to take a permanent vacation!
Please join us as we offer

Rodney Daniels

best wishes in his retirement

The clock's been punched
for the last time
The daily grind has been left behind
No more meetings or pages to fax
It's time to kick back and relax

You're invited to a Retirement Party for

Dennis Carl Williams

After 25 Years of service

Elizabeth Marie McDonald

is retiring from Superior Printing

The pleasure of your company is requested
at a reception in her honor

Jenny Holder is retiring
she's put in his time
he leaves us now
with warmer plans in mind
Nothing but lots of "R & R" and taking life slow,
at home in the garden
or perhaps Mexico!

Happy Retirement to Donna!
After 35 years she's done at last

We're having a retirement party
for all far and near
where we'll have dinner and music
and of course, several beers!

No presents please, but if you must
Just a bottle of wine
that can gather s

There's a Retirement party for
Lucas on July 25th
It's sure to be one you simply can't miss
A fiesta with drinks and spicy food
It will surely help to set the mood

Too quickly the time
has passed us by
Now it's time for us
to say good-bye
Please join us to wish
Jonathan the very best
as he starts his long
and well deserved rest

Forget the black tie
it's no formal affair
Just come as you are
for that casual flair,
We'll drink and laugh
as we all reminisce,
It's a gathering for our friend
Janice Porter
who will surely be missed

Wording for Retirement Invitation Tips

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