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the Christening of your new baby or child is the time for joy and celebrations and should be shared with family and friends

We Make Creating Your Christening Invitations Wordings So Much Easier

Creating just the right unique Christening invitation wording can be challenging for those who don't do it frequently. However, you can stop worrying and, in fact, relax about choosing the perfect words for the customized Christening invitations announcements cards you send to your invited guests. At, our free database of religious invite sayings, verses, quotes and wording ideas are a tremendous help. Our samples and ideas are available free of charge, and the words found there can be added to your invites word-for-word, only a few phrases, or just for inspiration for creating your if you choose. Of course, having access to these helpful suggestions is only one of many ways we help. Please review a sampling below to add to our most exclusive and popular inviations for religious Christening ceremony, celebration, and party.

Please join us in presence,
thoughts, and prayers
at the Christening of
our son,

Jacob James Tanner

(date, time and location)

Our little daughter is a blessing
who is beautiful as can be . . .
Come help us welcome
her into God's family!

Tanya Jane Gilbert's

(date, time and location)

Our darling little angel,

Riley Catherine Cohen

was sent from heaven above
Please celebrate her Christening
and surround her with your love

(date, time and location)

Our daughter,
Katherine Elise Milton
is a precious gift from God
and the Christening is
God's gift wrapping

Please join us
(date, time and location)

Help us celebrate
the love and new life
as we dedicate our daughter to God

Elizabeth Renee Aaron

(date, time and location)

We're joyfully bringing
our son,

David James Baker

into the love of God's family

Please join us to celebrate
the Christening

(date, time and location)

A Child is God's most precious Gift

John and Emma Springer

invite you to witness the
Christening of their baby girl,

Jane Marie Springer

(date, time and location)

This precious gift from heaven above
will be welcomed into Christ's family with love

You are invited to attend
the Christening of our daughter,

Allison Jane Wilson

(date, time and location)

May the Lord give His angels
charge over you, to guide you
in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

Steve and Emily Porter
joyfully invite you to share with them
the Christening of their Daughter,

Alice Marie Blake

(date, time and location)

It is our prayer that God
makes David's tiny hands grow
to be both strong and gentle,
healing and creative.
That his feet carry him towards his dreams.
That his young heart grows to show
kindness and compassion.
And that he always demonstrates
the love of

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The Issues of Christening Ceremony Wording Ideas

Besides Baptisms, you have lots of other religious events involving our children that will arise in the next few years and all will require invitation cards. Christenings ceremonies are just one of many examples. Picking the perfect most ideas sayings can be done with the help of our database of sample, too. In fact, ideas for any religious event's verses are going to be found right here at CardsShoppe. But the benefits aren't just the ease of finding some great quote possibilities. They also include deciding on other ways to make your religion stationary unique, including adding a photo, which will make it totally unique and one of a kind to keep forever.

Things to Consider With Your Christening Religious Celebration Invite Wordings

As we stated, the Christening of your new baby is a time for joy, celebrating, and to be shared with family and friends. For this event, want to pay particular attention to your message included on your cards. Because customizing your invitation announcement cards with your own verses is free, you don't have to worry about finding the perfect card that already comes with the perfect default wording. They always have the option of changing the religious words to better meet your needs or circumstances.

The bottom line is that Cards Shoppe offers our shoppers everything they need for the perfect stationery including lots of good ideas and help with your Christening invites wording ideas.