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a Bar Mitzvah is for boys and a Bat Mitzvah is for girls and are held as the child reaches the age of 12 or 13

Find Lots of Unique Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Invitation Wording Idea Samples

Creating just the right Bar Mitzvah invitation wordings is an important step in the process of honoring your son's transition into a world of greater responsibility. These, and the Bat Mitzvah invitations assist you in informing family and friends of this significant changes in your young teen's religious experiences. Following your son or daughter's religious education, near the age of 13, it's time to honor their religious learnings as well as the fact that they are growing up by sending really personalized Mitzvah invitations announcements cards. And, to assist you with customizing your disconted Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation cards and their wordings, we have collected the largest sampling of religious Mitzvah wordings, sayings, verses, and quotes for Bar Bat Mitzvah, some of which is below. You many use our samples as they are written word for word, in part, or simply use the ideas for inspiration for creating your own.

Please join us
as we celebrate the
Bat Mitzvah
of our daughter,

Stephanie Renee Edwards

(date, time and location)

We invite you to share the tradition
when our son,

Christopher Wayne Cohen

is called to the Torah
as a Bar Mitzvah

(date, time and location)

Please join us for dinner
in honor of
the Bat Mitzvah
of our daughter,

Jessica Lynn Lenz

(date, time and location)

Louis and Sherrie Cohen
invite you to join them when their son,

Jacob James Cohen

is called to the Torah
as a Bar Mitzvah

(date, time and location)

In the tradition of her ancestors

Our beloved daughter,

Jana Mary Lewis

will be called to the Torah
as a Bat Mitzvah

We invite you to worship with us
and share in our joy

(date, time and location)

Memories are created by sharing

Special Moments
with loving
family and friends!

Please join us as our son,

Jason Sam Lorenz

is called to the Torah
as a Bar Mitzvah

(date, time and location)

As the rich traditions of our past
kindle the hopes and promise of our future,
we invite you to share in our joy
when our daughter,

Sadie Marie Centrum

is called to the Torah
as a Bat Mitzvah

(date, time and location)

We invite you to share in the
celebration of our joys as our son,

Jacob James Cohen

has the honor of being called to the Torah
as a Bar Mitzvah

(date, time and location)

The richness of tradition
The excitement of youth
The promise of tomorrow
The precious moments of life

Larry and Sara Miller
invite you to share in this special moment
as their daughter,

Logan Elizabeth

is called to the Torah
as a Bat Mitzvah

(date, t

With great pleasure, we invite you
to share our happiness
as our son is called to the Torah
for his Bar Mitzvah

Adam Benjamin Jones

(date, time and location)

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Customize Your Mitzvah Invitations Wordings

When you are ordering your invitations from us, you can write out your own wording. If you decide to do so, make sure you include details about gift buying, contact details, and you should specify the types of gifts that would be acceptable. It's perfectly appropriate to suggest religious oriented gifts, savings bonds, gift certificates, or cash gifts for your child. Before the festivities in a bar mitzvah, you'll have the religious portion of the celebration at the synagogue. If your guests are invited to attend, you'll need to note this on your stationery too.

Verifying Your Religious Invite Sayings

You don't want to leave any part of your planning to chance, especially the invite announcing stationery cards. Before you check out with us, you can preview your personalized invites to ensure you're totally happy with your creation. After you are totally satisfied, you can then proceed with your check out. Then, within ONE hour of receiving your order, we will send your proof so you can ensure it is exactly as you expected. If not, you may make changes until you are satisfied, and you'll never be changed extra for these changes. We just want you to be happy with your ordering process and order.

Phrasing Your Bat Mitzvah Invitations Words

On a Bat Mitzvah invitation, you should include all the elements you would include on a Bar Mitzvah invite too, with the exception of one to the synagogue. Your stationery wording should include the name of your child, and you can make the name as flowery in appearance as you like. Our patented features enable you to make font style and ink color modifications with ease. has both Bat and Bar Mitzvah invitation wordings in a wide range of options.