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To some, creating their own unique Baptism invitation wording might appear to be a rather daunting task. On one hand, you want religious Baptism invitation announcement cards that attract the attention of your invited guests, but you don't want the same old motifs found in most religious stationery retail stores and websites. However, most people don't want to stray too far away from the focus of the Baptismal religious event being planned. Finding that balance can be challenging, especially when shopping in stores with a limited selection, which is why we at offer a wide variety of totally unique and appropriate words, verses, and saying samples, some of which are  showen below. Feel free to use our sample Baptismal invitation and announcement wordings just as they are written, either in part or in whole, or as inspiration for creating your on. Following the wording samples, you will find a few popular invitaion announcement Baptism cards for your sampling.

God called . . . she responded

Please join us on this blessed day as
God tenderly embraces and welcomes his child

Kinsey Ansley McIntosh
into his family...

Sunday, October 10th at 2:30 p.m.
St. Paul De la Salle Church
10738 Your Avenue
City, State

Reception to follow at our home
9999 Street Address, City, State

The McIntosh Family

Regrets ONLY by October 4th
Area Code – Phone Number

Our tiny treasure, more precious than gold,
has captured our hearts forever to hold!
Join us for the Christening of our daughter,

Dawn McKenzie Albertson

(date, time and location)

Help us celebrate love and new life
as we dedicate our Daughter to God

Janie McKenzie Smith

(date, time and location)

Our baby is a blessing
who is beautiful as can be . . .
Come help us welcome her
into God's family!

You are cordially invited to join us
for the Baptism of our son,

Landon Pierce Wellington

(date, time and location)

"I have held thee
in the palm of mine hand."
Isaiah 51:16

Please join us as our son,

David Allen Smith

will be Baptized on June 4th
during the 11:00 a.m. worship service

Our darling little angel girl
was sent from heaven above
Please celebrate her Baptism
and surround her with your love

Please join us for the Baptism
of our daughter,

Crystal Gail Redmond

(date, time and location)

This precious gift from heaven above
will be welcomed into
Christ's family with love
You are invited to attend the
Baptism of our daughter,

Sophia Lynn Redmond

(date, time and location)

We're joyfully bringing
our son,

Johnny Dwayne

into the love of God's family

We invite you to celebrate
the Baptism

(date, time and location)

A child is a precious gift from God
and Baptism is God's gift wrapping
Our special gift

McKenzie Clark

will be Baptized on
(date, time and location)

May the Lord give His angels
charge over you, to guide you
in all your ways.
Psalm 91:11

John and Emma Smith
joyfully invite you to share with them
the Baptism of their son,

David Allen

(date, time and location)

It is our prayer that God
makes David's tiny hands grow
to be both strong and gentle,
healing and creative.
That his feet carry him towards his dreams.
That his young heart grows to show
kindness and compassion.
And that he always demonstrates
the love of

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Embellishing Your Baptism Wording

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