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religious invitation wording ideas and samples for Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, Communion, Confirmation, Dedication

Creating Your Own Popular Religious Invitation Wordings Sayings Verses

When you are customizing and mailing your unique religious invitations announcements stationery, you'll want to spend some time thinking about and creating the most appropriate religious invitation wording that you want to add to your personalized invitation cards for any religion occasion. But, if you're like the majority of people, you are less than 100% confident in your creative writing abilities and skills so it could be somewhat challenging. To provide assistance in this area, we at offer lots of samples of how you can create your wordings for some of the most common religious invitation types you might find yourself sending. Please click on the reilgious occasion below and check out our vast collection of the most appropriate wordings. Then, below the wording types, you will find sample invitations and announcements for your religious stationery needs.

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Baptism Religious Invitation Wordings

A baptism is a special time for families so wanting to share it with others is not unusual. That's why knowing how to word the your Baptism invite is so important. Most families try to keep things fairly simple. You might say, for example: "Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brown invite you to share the blessed occasion of their daughter's baptism." If you want something more casual, you could use both parents' first names or replace the names with pronouns: "We invite you to join us for the baptism of our daughter, Anna."

Christening Invitations Wording

Typically, a christening is the official naming ceremony for a new child. Sometimes this event is combined with the baptism but not always. When writing these invite cards, you might want to consider adding your favorite religious verse or one of the psalms. The message itself should be kept simple: "Please honor us with your presence at the christening of our new child" is one way. Of course with both baptism and christening sayings, you want to add all of the details about where the event will take place. Be sure to also mention if a reception will be held afterward.

First Communion Invite Word Ideas

A child's Holy Communion is a special time for families so wanting to share it with others is not unusual. That's why knowing how to word the 1st Communion stationery is so important. Since the occasion is so special to your child, you want to ensure the cards include all the details. You can say something like: "Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wise invite you to share the blessed occasion of their son's First Holy Communion." Or, for less formal wording, you might consider something like "We invite you to join us for the First Communion of our son, Frank."

Bat and Bar Mitzvah Invites Words

A Bar Mitzvah is a very special event in the Jewish tradition for young boys around the age of 13. One might consider it a more holy version of a girl's Sweet 16 party. Generally, the event begins at the synagogue where the boy will read in Hebrew from the Torah. Following this portion of the ceremony, a reception is held for the boy and he is given many presents by everyone in his family. Sending the Mitzvah invitations is an important affair and requires great care with the words. One possible example is: "The Smiths proudly invite you to join them as their son, Joshua, is called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah". Of course, again, the details of the location, time, etc. would all follow this opening.

Regardless of the type of religious announcements invitations cards you are going to be sending, you should always consider including some parts of religious writings that would be appropriate for the event and the beliefs of the recipients. This would be true whether you are sending thank you cards, Christmas or Hanukkah cards, or even sympathy cards.

In every cases, these verses, sayings and religious invitation wording are going to be a huge help as you struggle to find just the right text.