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Photo Announcement Invitation Cards for All Relgious Celebratons

Add Your Picture to Custom Religious Photo Invitation Announcement Cards

Have you ever planned a religious party celebration and had difficulty deciding on the type and wordings for your custom religion celebration invitation cards? If so, then you are in good company. A good place to begin is deciding on your guest list for those you will invite. Issues such as the size of your celebration will need to be decided, and it goes without saying that the larger the event, the more personalized religious invitations will need to be ordered. In fact, the size will probably have a lot to do with the invite designs you select and the religious invitations wordings included on your stationery. One consideration is to add a photo or picture to your photo stationery cards to ensure they really stand out and are unlike any others being sent out this year.

Is a Picture Truly Worth a Thousand Words?

Although the phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words", is often used, it's not often when it is totally applicable. However, when adding a photograph to your holiday invites can make all the difference in the world. Celebrations for special occasions during any of the holidays are ideal times to send a cherished picture in a card to family and friends. Our high quality card stock and professional printers ensure your Baptism and other religion invites with a photo will be greatly appreciated.


You're invited to spend some time browsing our extensive gallery of invitation stationary cards and choose that perfect one to add your picture to. Nevertheless, if, by chance, you are unable to find that party photo card design, just give us a call, and we will eagerly assist. Our dedicated in-house designers and artists will create a card where a picture can be added in no time flat, thus ensuring you are not delayed in your ordering process.

Explosive Popularity and Growth of Adding a Photo to Your Custom Invitations

Invitations with pictures or photographs have become one of the more popular types of custom stationery during the past few years, and that is one of the primary reasons we established an entire category of exclusive invite cards with pictures for you to shop from. Invitation cards that include a picture or a photo are the most personal form of cards that anyone can send. We will add a photo to any of our unique card designs, which always makes an ideal keepsakes your family and friends to treasure for years to come.

So, Tell Me How to Upload or Add My Photo or Picture

At some time in your decision to add a picture, you are certain to wonder just how do I add my photograph to the invitation design I have chosen. Well, that's certainly easy for us to help by walking you through the process with any one of these methods:


  • Photo Upload Option While You are on the Personalization Page – As you are adding your personal wordings, look just below the box for the option entitled, "Upload Photo". Click on those words and load your picture or photo as a JPEG or TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please make a note that the photo just uploaded will NOT appear in your personalized preview, but will absolutely be included in the Proof we send to you. Your Order will be shipped ONLY after you give your final Approval of your proof.
  • Upload Photo Option at Bottom of Each Page – The Option is usually used after you have completed your order. Begin by clicking on this option, and you will be ask to enter your Order Number, available among the emails you receive, and the zip code used with your order. After entering these two items, you will be prompted to upload your image as a TIFF or with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Email Picture or Photo – If you prefer, you can simply reply to any of the emails you receive from us after your order has been completed, and add your picture or image as an attachment. Or, you can email it to us at, our exclusive website used for proof emails. Again, we ask that it be a TIFF or JPEG with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Using the U.S. Mail – If you have lots of time, you can choose to mail it to us at: 126 Windberg Lane, Lafayette, LA 70503. Regrettably, since we have such a heavy volume of these type photographs, we are unable to return yours back to you.


Regardless of the option you decide to use, If a professional photographer took the photo you submitted, we will need a signed release authorizing us to use the picture in your stationery. Please always be mindful that the quality of the picture submitted will effect the quality of your photo invitation announcement cards

Printed as Portrait or Landscape on 7 x 5 Quality Card Stock

All our cards used for adding pictures are 7 x 5, landscaped or portrait, are genuine photos, and definitely not an ink-jet or dye sublimation print. Your important celebration memories will be preserved for generations to come with these unique and professionally printed photo invitations cards. You'll definitely want to order a few extras so that family members can place it in their scrapbook or used for framing. Your recipients will be thankful to you for sending them.


We invite you to browse our huge collection of inexpensive photo invitation announcement stationery cards, and our unique party photo invitations wording ideas, verses and sayings for picture invite cards.