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mail your disconted 99¢ pregnancy announcements as soon as you are sure of your pregnancy; some wait until after the first stage

Custom Pregnancy Announcements 99¢ are Ideal for Announcing You Are Pregnant

There are no definitive rules that declare exactly when you should send your unique pregnancy announcements or who you should send them to. However, there are some common pregnant etiquette guidelines will want to remember when you begin preparing your personalized and discounted 99¢ pregnancy announcement stationery cards. The suggestions for etiquette are what many people have come to expect when receiving a pregnant card. One of the most frequent questions is when to send the I'm pregnant cards to those you want to know the good news. The best answer depends on your individual pregnancy circumstances and can vary from when you first get the good news to when you begin getting your 'baby bump'. Rely on us at CardsShoppe for just the right suggestions and samples for announcement wording for pregnancy cards, appearance, and timeliness of your mailings.

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Pregnancy Announcements Wording and Appearance

People have come to expect that you will share your child's name, date of birth, weight, and length on your pregnant announcement cards. As long as you include all these details, you've met the accepted guidelines. offers features that enable you to customize your wordings on your announcing stationery, so you can add extra touches, like bible verses, poems, quotes, or any other sentiments you want to share. Our patented personalize and instant preview elements allow you to see your customized cards before you check out and pay.

Pregnancy Announcement - Delivery and Timeliness: The accepted rule of thumb when delivering announcing stationery is that you should get them in the mail as soon as you are sure of your pregnancy, but some prefer to wait until they have passed the first stage. Mailing them out sooner might cause confusion if you experience a miscarriage or other problems with your pregnancy. Our guaranteed same day printing and express shipping helps with getting your cards in the mail sooner.

You can order your affordable pregnancy announcements from us 24/7, and placing an order before 2 p.m. central time during the working day ensures faster delivery.