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Birthday Invitation Cards with a Picture

Customize Your Photo Birthday Invitations with Style

Are you looking for something a little more unique than a standard "Over the Hill" birthday party for a friend or relative? If so, one idea is to send custom Photo Birthday Invitations as your Photo Invitations. Not only are they a great way to set the tone for the event but they can be the perfect beginning to a "Then and Now" themed celebration.

Beginning with the Photo Birthday Invitation

When you're sending party photo invitations for children's birthday parties, photo baby cards can be nice for relatives or people who don't see them everyday. However, when you're throwing a bash for someone 30th birthday, 40th birthday, 50th birthday or any other birthday milestone you can make a big impression by adding two photos to the invitations: one representing how the person looked when they were young and one showing how they look today. Just try to make the more recent photo as flattering as possible for those party invitation cards. While the invitation itself should give your guests an idea of what to expect at the party, you can always list the theme in your photo party invitations.

Games & Photo Birthday Cards

Now that you've mailed these amazing photo birthday party invitations, you have to put forth some additional effort into making sure the rest of the party is a success as well. First, try to plan out some theme-related games for your guests. One way is to play a Then and Now guessing game. Call out the name of a product and a price then have guests guess whether the price is for now or then (choose the year of the guest of honor's birth or another milestone in his or her life, such as graduation, marriage or 16th birthday). You can find special booklets containing this information at gift stores and online. You could also ask guests to guess the price of the item during that year and give points for the person who is the closest without going over.

Another game may be to create a list of older movies and of newer movies that star the same people. Ask your guests to name the person who is in both of the films. Obviously, points are awarded for accuracy. You could also do a trivia game using music. Play a few parts of songs from different time periods and ask guests to name that tune. If you don't want to play too many games, you could also continue the theme of the photo announcements cards by creating a slideshow that includes photos from the guest of honor's life, as well as headlines from the different years. For example, show a picture of the person going to the prom along with a headline to put that time in perspective.

Gifts & Photo Birthday Invitations

Of course, no birthday party is ever complete without some wonderful presents. If the guest of honor has been a good support through the ordeal, you should definitely reward him or her with a special gift. For example, you could use some of the images from the photo birthday invitations and the slide show to create a special scrapbook. You could also have one of the invitations blown up to a larger size, signed by all of the guests, and framed as a keepsake of the memorable party. And, don't forget those photo thank you cards that you will certainly need.

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