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Invitations for Party Stationary Cards to Personalize

Printable Party Invitations Stationery Card for All Your Parties

Are you planning your creative party stationery invitations and wondering how you can let people know all the particulars of your celebration? Whether you're sending birthday invitation cards or dinner party invitations, we make it easy to let all of your invited guests know all the details. provides you with lots of invitation wording samples for formal and casual stationary, so your invites will convey a tone that corresponds with theme you are planning.

Party Stationery Invitation Inclusions About Attire

There are no hard and fast rules about including the type of attire you want your guests to wear to your event in your invite cards. At one time etiquette rules suggested that you should not include any mention about attire, but this is a guideline that has been outdated for some time. At the end of your invite, when you personalize your stationery, it is now considered perfectly acceptable to suggest the type of clothing a guest should wear.

CardsShoppe has created exclusive printable party stationary all birthday milestones, regardless of the age. Are you planning a 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday celebration? Maybe you are planning for the more advance milestone celebrations like 60th, 75th, 90th, or even 100th birthdays. Maybe even the ever popular teen sweet sixteen party. Regardless of your special occasion, you can count on exceptional and exclusive designs when ordering from us.

Party Invitations and Other Stationery Wording for Preferred Attire

If you are planning a formal event for a birthday, you can express it on your invites by adding the words, "black tie attire requested," or "formal attire desired." You can include words like "black tie optional," or "formal wear optional," to give your guests some loose guidelines on what to wear. For casual or semi-formal events, you might add words at the end of your invite like "please wear festive attire," or "cocktail attire preferred."

We at Cards Shoppe have lots of stationary invitation wording samples at your disposal if you need help wording your party stationery.