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when celebrating a special occasion, choose a theme and discounted 99¢ invites that best represents the reason for the party

Popular 99¢ Party Invitation Cards and Birthday Invitations for Life's Special Occasions

Your embellished discount 99¢ party invitation designs should have certain elements in common. Similar features found in one custom adult birthday invitation compared to the next include the basic details. You'll find that the birthday party invitation wordings will typically complement the primary theme of, not just the invite, but the party, too. Getting your party stationery wording to parallel your event theme on your personalized party invites or audlt birthday invitations might seem challenging, but with a few creative prompts from you will be well on your way to writing creative stationary wordings, sayings, or verses that make your invitation cards special and unique. As you view our large library of invitation designs, you'll find they are sorted by type and purpose, ranging from 30th, 40th, 50th birthday milestones to Hawaiian luau and pool parties, and those retirement and surprise party occasions.

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Ensure Your Invitation Cards for Parties are Truly Special

Creative Party Invitations Wordings for Themed Expressions - It makes no difference whether you choose your invites first and then match your party's theme to them or vice versa. Once you have settled on any of the themes, you can have fun creating expressions and verses for your invitation stationary. Think about the decor and embellishments on your invitation cards. Consider some of the decorations you plan on having at the event, too. Think about colors and how you can use them for a little bit of word play. All these can be incorporated in your totally unique invite cards created using our patented personalize and instant preview features.

Selecting Your Popular Birthday Party Invites

Imagine hosting a birthday event like a celebration around the pool, dinner, or anywhere in between. You can add expressions on your invites like, "we're inviting you to join us for the big celebration we're brewing," or, "come join us on a day sure to be steeped in fun." You can use puns to create one of a kind, exclusive invitation cards that will definitely bring a smile to the face of your invited guests. And, as you are shopping, you can reduce your cost by adding 10 free cards and free shipping.

Regardless of the stylish designs and wordings you want you use, we have ideal and affordable party invitations selections just for you.