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Moving Thank You Card Wording

Moving Thank You Card Wording

Thank you so much for the set of dishes.
They are really nice and Bob and I will certainly
put them to good use. And thanks for taking the time
to stop by our open house party and
take a tour. We are excited to have finally moved in

We absolutely love the gigantic house plant
you gave us as a housewarming gift.
All I have to do now is develop a green thumb
and keep it alive and beautiful as it is now.
Thank you for attending our open house party.

What a great time everyone had last night,
laughing, eating, dancing, and drinking,
until the wee hours of the morning!
And, there's no land-lord upstairs telling us to quiet it down!
It was great that you and John could make it to
our housewarming party.

Thank you for all the hours you spent
helping us look for our ideal home
After months of driving around viewing houses
and chasing false leads, you performed a miraculous act
You located our dream home that we can afford
in a terrific neighborhood with go

Bob and I have our own place and it has a garage
After saving for so long our dream has come true
Thank you so much for attending our house warming
Party and helping us celebrate
and for your picture frame gift
During the summer we'll

We were so glad you attended our open house party
And, thank you so much for bringing
tortilla chips and your special trio of home-made salsas
Everyone was raving about them
And, thank you also for the lovely open house party gift
The engraved, stainless

Thank you for attending our house warming party
After small apartment living for so long
we are so happy to finally have a house to call our own
And, having space to host a party for
family and friends is such a good feeling
Thank you so much for celebra

Thank you so much for the beautiful toaster
We'll be sure you're among
our first guests to visit
so don't forget your pennies
Looking forward to seeing you soon

Thank you for the time we shared
at our house warming party
It's plain to see how much you cared
The housewarming gift you gave
and the time you spent,
you'll never know how much it meant
We will think of you every time we use
the beautiful set of dishes

Please accept our sincere thanks
for the useful open house gift
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy

We will think of your every time
we use the dishes you give us

Thank you all very much for the place setting
of sterling you so kindly have
given to us for our new home
Keith and I now have a service for eight
and are so looking forward to using it
for every special occasion in our life
What a thoughtful idea
You are