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Who doesn't want to join in the Mardi Gras celebrations, parades, carnivals, and all the masquerading? After all, to many, Mardi Gra has become the most exciting carnival like celebrations during the year. So, why not host your own party and customize and send totally popular and discounted 99¢ Mardi Gras invitations? Whether you are searching for a Mardi Gras masquerade ball invitation, invitations for Mardi Gras carnival celebrations, or for one of the many parades, you will find just the right Mardi Gras invitation designs at, along with a large database of invitation wording samples for Mardi Gras. With our same day print and ship, you can receive your party invitation cards as soon as the very next day after ordering. So, let the good times roll during the entire Mardi Gras holiday carnival celebrations. We invite you to review our list of exclusive Mardi Gras invitation wordings sayings verses quote samples below, and after the wording ideas, you will find a few of the dozens of trendy invitation designs for Mardi Gra.

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We may not be in New Orleans
But this will be The best party you've seen!

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

As the guests dined the music played.
Come join the celebration at our

Annual Mardi Gras Masquerade

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

We'll crown the king and throw some beads

You are the only thing that this party needs

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

A crowning touch to Mardi Gras!
Please join us for a Midnight Supper

Honoring our Mardi Gra King and Queen

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)


Don't show your face
So we don't know who you are
At least when we are
Looking from afar

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

Please join our Krewe for crawfish and brew
during our


Come hear some tunes
and catch doubloons

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

You are invited to join the Mardi Gra fun
There will be lots of games, crawfish and brew
Come join us at a dressed up

Mardi Gras Affair

It's wouldn't be a party without you there

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

You are cordially invite to a

Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball

Enjoy a special evening of
cocktails, music, dinner, and dancing

Saturday, February third, two thousand (year)
Hawthorne Valley Country Club
4289 Your Street, City, ST

RSVP by January 25th to Je

Beads, Creole Food, and Dixieland Jazz for ALL!

Please join us at our annual
Mardi Gras Party

Saturday, February 16th from 7:00 to 12:00 midnight
973 Your Street, City, ST

Host: Casey and Thomas Riddle

RSVP by February 9th at 555-666-8944

You are invited to enjoy
the finest food and cakes in town
There'll be plenty to go around
You'll have fun trying a new dish

Wear a mask if you wish
Dancing is a must at this ball
We'll celebrate with drinks so tall

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

Beads! Creole Food! Kings Cake! Dixieland Jazz!

Please join in the revelry at our annual

Mardi Gras Party

Saturday, February 5th at 7:30 p.m.
678 Your Street, City, ST

It's the next best thing to being there!
Candice and Roger

Life is a masquerade so let's have a ball

Mardi Gras Celebration

Laissez les bons temps rouler

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

Dancing in the streets,
Feathers, beads & masks
What more do we need
To have a blast?

(Enter Details of Your Event Here)

Let's get a jump on Fat Tuesday the weekend before
Saturday, March first
festivities will begin at seven p.m.
Come for beads, booze and fun
at our own party palace
13 Armstrong Terrace
Atlanta, Georgia

Hosted by Terri and Jim Cutler

RSVP by February 23r

You are invited to our annual gala
in celebration of Mardi Gras

cocktails and hor d'oeuvres
Saturday, February 23rd
from eight pm until midnight
The Harlequin Club
New Orleans

Kindly reply by February 1st to (555) 666-7777

Dancing in the streets
feathers, beads & masks
what more do we need to have a blast?

Krewe du Vieux

requests the pleasure
of your company at
The Smithson Ballroom
Saturday, February the tenth, nine o'clock
1208 Royale Street, Your City, ST

RSVP by Febr

Choosing Your Own Unique Invite Designs

Embellishing your party invites for Mardi Gras are a great way to begin planning your celebration. By visiting our website at CardsShoppe, you'll find our gigantic selection of exclusive party invitation cards for every type of celebration, including Mardi Gras invites. Our stylish and trendy designs boast unique Mardi Gra masks for masquerade invites, Fleur de Lis design invitations and lots more, all bringing in the party with vibrant shades of green, purple, and gold, the official colors of the holiday.

What to Include in Your Wordings for Mardi Gra

Fat Tuesday, for many, will be the last time they can indulge in all those special treats, so fill your buffet with tasty foods for all your guests to enjoy before they enter those days of self-control. There are lots of traditional Mardi Gras food recipes online, or maybe you have a few family favorites to include. One, for sure, will be the worldly famous King Cake, which is known as much for its fun as its tasty flavors. As you are customizing your party invitation cards for Mardi Gras, you can add any words you want including request that your invited guests wear their favorite masks, or that you will be providing colorful masks for them. Your wordings and sayings should be useful and helpful by letting them know the details so they can come prepared and ready to party.

Making Mardi Gras Celebrations Special for the Kids

We have lots of kid-friendly invite designs for the children, which you will find as you are reviewing our large collection. One always-popular way to keep the kids entertained is by creating a mask decorating station. What child would not simply like personalizing their very own mask and then proudly showing it off? If you have some family traditions or stories about this holiday, then share those stories with your guests. And, be sure and ask you guests if they have stories of their own family traditions and allow them to share with all. This always works great as a conversation and party starter. Cards Shoppe has playful Mardi Gras invitation wordings for all your Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras party invitation cards as well. We're available to ensure your holiday carnival party invites the best they can be for a unique blowout celebration.