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one of the most popular themes for a bride shower party is the lingerie bridal shower that will certainly add lots more fun

Popular Shower Lingerie Wordings for Discount 99¢ Bridal Invitations

Bridal showers are one of the best ways for the bride-to-be to celebrate the upcoming wedding day, and the gifts that are given should be useful to her as she and her new spouse begin their new life together. One of the most popular themes for a bride shower party is the lingerie bridal shower, and the first step towards organizing this type celebration is with your customized lingerie bridal shower party invitation cards, presently discount to 99¢, a 45% savings. These unique and personalized party invitations will not only inform your invited guests of the theme of the soiree but also assist them in selecting the most appropriate gift. As a general rule, this one detail will certainly add lots more fun to the party. We, at, offer some of the most unique and stylish bridal lingerie invite designs that can be personalized to your personal and exact specifications, including adding those all important bride lingerie invitation wordings. For help with your wordings, sayings, verses, and quotes, we encourage you to visit our large database of helpful samples, some of which are presented below.

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Before them lies the open road and a
future filled with love and adventure
Please join
Pamela and Dean
at their Rehearsal Dinner
on Thursday, the eighth of March
two thousand eighteen
at six o’clock in the evening
The Pear and Flower
Smithtown, Arkansas

Hosted by:
Mr. Bob Spear & Ms. Tanya Evans

Her closet needs attention
That's what her husband did mention
No doubt he'd like for you to bring
Something sexy to match her new ring!

A lingerie party
Judith Clair Randall
1:30 p.m.
at the home of
Tiffany McCloud
125 Elm Street

Accepts (555) 858-4445

The big event is on the way
let's help the bride prepare
for her big day,
instead of dishes, pots
and gadgets galore
We'll do lacey to racy
to stock the lingerie drawer

in intimates shower in honor of
Raquel Simpson
Saturday, march 8, 2003
3:00 p.m.
1270 Rhapsody, Pristina

Given by Jana smith
R.S.V.P. (720) 555-0077

Something sexy - Something sweet
Something to knock
Mr. Spillman off his feet!

Saturday, April 15, 2032
2:00 pm

Given by Eden Fort
11111 Baggins Ct.
Whitestown, IN
RSVP by April 10th
(555) 876-1234

Soon she will be a bride,
all dressing in white
Lets get her ready for
her honeymoon night!

Hosted by Allisons bridesmaids
Bachelorette party to follow

Saturday, April 15, 2032
Six o clock pm
Hosted by Molly Luttrell
11111 Baggins Ct.
Whitestown, IN
Regrets, (555) 876-1234

As Helen's day draws near
It's time for the Hanes to disappear
Put the boxers and tee's away,
Let's give Robbie a reason to play

Could be leather, could be lace
Choose something sassy
to please Barbara's taste!

Bring something skimpy
for Cathy to wear
Lacey or Racy to make Robert stare!

There's been plenty of preparation for
Margaret's Wedding Day
Now all she needs is a little lingerie!

Dana will be queen for the day
First we'll shower her with
love, luck and lingerie
Then it's out for a night on the town
So bring your dancing shoes
and your ball gown

Janice and Dan will soon be wed
Let' get Janice dressed for bed
Come out for one last fling
One weekend before the wedding bells ring

Cotton pajamas are
Laura’s night time attire
She needs a few things
to help light the fire
A lingerie shower
will start her off right
Let’s outfit her for
the honeymoon night!

She's tossing out the cotton
and making room for all the lace
If only we could be there
to see the look on Roger's face!

We’re having a lingerie bridal shower
and it’ll be more than OK,
As we shower Mary Elizabeth with lingerie
to get the marriage on its way!

Judy is getting married
and she must look her best
We're having a lingerie party
so she'll be properly dressed