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ensure your child sends personalized kids thank you cards to show their appreciation using our sample thank you children card wording samples

Help With Your Kids Thank You Card Wording Saying Questions

After a children birthday party has been held, and all the bounties have been counted and recoreded, it's time to think about sending those all important kids birthday party thank you cards. And, to help get this obligation going in full swing, we at maintain a large database of appropriate thank you card wordings sayings verses for children and kids birthday parties. Please see below for samples.

Find Lots of Children Thank You Note Card Wording Samples for Kids of All Ages Below Cards

Please accept our sincere thanks
for the lovely gift
Both the thought and the gift
were appreciated very much

This thank you note brings
my sincere appreciation and gratitude
for the lovely gift you sent
We hope it helps to tell you
just how much it meant

One BIG thank you for the gift
and another for the thought
A dozen thank yous
couldn't tell you
all the happiness they brought

Thank you for sharing
in your own special way
whether in thought
or in presence
you sure made my day

Just a note to say thanks
and a line to tell you too
Nothing could have been more welcome
than that thoughtful gift from you
But the real gift was just seeing you

This thank you card is long overdue
However I wanted you to know
how much I appreciated you
Thanks for the gift and
being there most of all
You're a great friend
I hope you had a ball

Thank you very much for your
very generous gift
That celebration was very special to me
and by you being there was the real gift
I had a great time, hope you did too
Hope to see you soon

Thank you very much
for helping to celebrate my birthday

The gift was great and
your being with us
made the day even more special

Thank you for coming
to our birthday party and
for your thoughtful and generous gift

We had a lot of fun and
hope you did too

Hope to see you again real soon

There are no words that have
yet been created that I could write
There are no expressions
of gratitude that I could give
There is no proper way
for me to thank all of you
nor can it express my true feelings
and gratefulness to you for making
my Birthday a