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one sure way to ensure your child's birthday party invites are a big hit is to use your own customized invitation wordings

Create Your Children or Kids Birthday Party Invitation Wording Using Our Samples

When you begin searching for kid and children birthday invitations, you'll want to remember a few details. First, and foremost, you will want to look for a truly unique birthday party invitations for children and kids that complement or match your birthday party theme. Next, you will want to ensure your child birthday invites will make a positive impression on those invited guests who receive them, and since the invitees are mostly children, then this cam becomes a bit more challenging. After all, most parents know that children can sometimes become rather difficult to please, especially as they get older. One way to ensure your birthday party invites are a hit is to use your own customized children and kids birthday party invite wordings sayings verse ideas. To assist you with this element of your celebration, we have presented a few of the more popular birthday invitation wording samples for kids parties below. You may use these samples entirely, in party, or just for inspiration.

Once upon a time
a little girl had a dream
to have a beautiful party
when she turned sweet 16
To have a guest like you
there would be a delight
so please come join us for
Anne's magical night

Once in a lifetime
does a girl turn 16
Never again will
this age be seen
I'm inviting you to
help make mine
An event that will last
forever in time

Bring your sleeping bag
and pillow too
I'm having a sleepover
and I'm inviting you
Bring your favorite tunes as
we'll dance the night away
Then try to stay up
'till the light of day

Ashley's 11th slumber birthday party

Friends of the gym
have gathered to say
Join us in celebrating
Katie's birthday will include lots of
cake, ice cream and playing too
The only thing we need is you
so wear your leotard
or outside clothes
because where the fun stops
no one knows

Our little girl, Susie, is turning four
Here's what we have in store
Jumping, tumbling, bouncing and fun
Kathy's Gym is where to come

Ahoy Mateys
Hoist your anchors
and set sail to celebrate
Larry's 5th Birthday
Come and join the fun
to find some treasures
along the way

These cuddly friends
are here to say
it's time to celebrate
a special kid's birthday!

Can you believe it?
Ashley's first year is done
Please join us as we celebrate
her turning ONE

You're invited to a birthday party for

Ashley Marie Porter

One year ago a little angel blessed our lives
We named her Janice Kenzie

During the past year she has learned so much
How to crawl, drink from a cup, feed herself
laugh, get into things she's not supposed to
and most of all she learned how to love

Now she's turning ONE
and we want to celebrate

Type Detail Here

Come get a kick out of
Johnny's karate birthday party
We'll chop us some cake
and even a board

Bathing suits, sunshine
Come on in, the water's fine!
It's O-Fish-Al

Tommy is FIVE!
Let's make a splash
As we celebrate!

It would be really cool
for you to come to our pool
We'll flip and hop
And have some fun
While we play in the sun

If you're in the mood to dance
Katie's birthday is the chance
Slip into your disco gear to see
and swing over to Club G
Katie is turning 17

Once in a lifetime
do you turn 13
Never again will
this age be seen
I'm inviting you
to help make mine
an event that
will last forever in time

Christy is 15
and we're throwing her a birthday party
she'll never forget
For music, fun, great food to eat,
and a party we know
you'll think is sweet

It's official!
Shelly is scoring another birthday
To be part of the game plan
take time out on June 5th
and get the backfield in motion
by meeting us at
Shelly's Home
Game Time: 4:00 p.m.
Interference calls only: (555) 123-4567
Official: Shelly's Mom

Deciding on Your Birthday Party Wording for Kids

If parents want to add their own message to the invite cards stationery, and after all, who doesn't, that's certainly not a problem with us at CardsShoppe. And, since quite often the parents don't always know exactly what to say even when they want to say what's in their heart or just want to make the guests chuckle a bit, this is where we can help. The great news is they don't have to struggle with children birthday invitation wordings on their own, as we offer a large free database chock full of wording and sayings examples that will surely be ideal for your occasion. It's yet another way to make customizing your special invite a bit easier.

Getting Your Children Birthday Invitations Wording Just Right

Regardless of the final decision of the invite words for children, parents can have that custom words printed directly on the cards. Unfortunately, you those old and stale cards were purchased offline at a card box retail store, they it is highly likely that their message would have to be written out on each one by hand. And, this process would be quite time consuming and even a bit painful after awhile. But, with your kids invitation words printed right on the invites, the entire process is much more simple and easier for everyone.

Help With Your Ever Challenging Girls Birthday Party Invitation Designs and Wording

One example of an invite card that needs to be something special is the girl birthday party invitation cards. These special stationery cards just can't be ordinary, especially for teen girls. The words should include something about the guest of honor and not just that she's getting one year older. Perhaps she has dreams of marrying a prince, going to the Olympics as a gymnast, or becoming a ballet troupe and touring the world. Any of these would make a great theme for the event and birthday invites. But, naturally choosing the right girls party invitations are the only issue. You, and the party planner and chief budgeting officer will need to be ever mindful of the budget you have set up. But the good news is that we at always have special promos, thus reducing the cost from our already low discounted prices.

Finding just the right stationery card at the right price is the goal of every person planning a birthday celebration for her kids. Creating the most appropriate and catch invitation wordings sayings verses for children and kids birthday parties is made oh so much easier with us at Cards Shoppe.