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knowing the importance of your invitation wordings for all type kids and children birthday party invites

Creative Kids Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas for Children of All Ages

Unique children birthday wordings it can be somewhat challenging for those who just don't seem to have a knack for coming up with great words in written format. Parents can sometimes question themselves all day long when it comes to kid birthday invitation wording with concerns like "Did I include all the party details," "Did I phrase that right," "Does this look correct," and "Am I following good etiquette guidelines?" We, at, understand that sometimes it can be difficult creating your own kids birthday party invitations words, which is why we created a large database of birthday wording ideas, sayings, and verses totally at your disposal and without any cost to you. Additionally, our exclusive and patented personalize and instant preview features enable you to select any of our popular invite designs, add your own words and other embellished features, and then preview it, instantly, before even checking out and paying for your order.

Review Our Assortment of Kid Birthday Invitation Wording Samples

Can you believe
Adam's first year
is done?

Please join us as
we celebrate
him turning one!
One little candle,
placed on the cake...
One first birthday
wish to make!

Basketball - Baseball,
which will it be?
Football or soccer,
we'll just wait and see!
Our little all-star
is turning ONE,
So we're having a party
that's sure to be fun!

Karen is turning
Her years have only
just begun.

We hope you'll be
able to make the date
To come and help us
One year ago on May
19th at 2:52 a.m.
A little angel
blessed our lives.

We named her Aubrey
In the past year
she has learned so much
How to crawl, drink
from a cup, feed herself,
laugh, get into
things she's not supposed to,
and most of all she
learned how to love!

Now she's calling
on all her favorite friends and family
to help her
celebrate her 1st Birthday
With lots of cake,
and lots of fun

Amanda Mary is
Turning One!
Leap on over
for some birthday fun...

It's time for cake,
ice cream and sun!

Peyton is turning
Let's swing and slide

And have lunch and fun.

Come celebrate with us
as Melee is turning
A special candle is
a top the cake

so please come join us
for goodness sake

Our "Little
Princess" is turning one

so we're planning
an afternoon of
Birthday Fun!
Cake and candles,
ice cream too
It's time for a
party for you-know-who.

Come to the house
ready to play
and help me
celebrate my 1st birthday.

Kids / Children / Teens Birthdays

Hear ye, Hear ye!
Calling all Knights
and Fair Maidens too
a day of fun and games await you!

Lady Mandy Paulson
is celebrating her
2nd Birthday
and we hope you'll come
These cuddly
friends are here to say

it's time to celebrate a special birthday!
Leap on over to our pad
for a toadily good time
at Jake's Birthday Party
The giraffe
stretches his neck to see
the elephant waves his trunk with glee.
The seal twirls his ball with joy,
as Jason Michael turns 3
All the dinosaurs
have come out to say
Please join us to celebrate
Timmy's 4th Birthday
Cars and trains,
boats and planes,
These are just a few of my favorite things.

Tractors and trucks are great, it's true,
Especially for a little boy who's turning two!
Ain't no Lion about it,
You'll have a
From Under the Sea and onto the Shore
Bring a swimsuit to see what's in store.

We'll splash & play, eat cake & more,
Chelsea Martin is turning four!
Vroom Vroom...

Race cars, Tonka
trucks, and Hot Wheels too,
Our little boy is
turning two!
Ahoy Mateys!

Hoist your anchors
and set sail to celebrate
Connor's 4th Birthday

Come and join the fun
to find some treasures
along the way
It's Zachary's 6th Birthday
so please save the date

There'll be cake, ice cream and MAGIC
it's going to be great!
Come bowl a Strike!
And join us to celebrate
Michael's Birthday
There's no time to spare
We need you to help us celebrate
Justin's Birthday!
We're having a party, and
we'll "spare" no expense
On Saturday, June 8th the
fun will commence

When the clock
"strikes" 7:00 p.m., the pins will fall
And you are invited to have a ball!
If you have time to
Join us for a Bowling
Grab your gear
Tim's Bowling Party is here!
It's a strike!
You're invited to a
Bowling Birthday Bash!
We'll "strike"
up the fun
At Jeremy's Bowling Birthday Party
It's a Strike!
Line 'em up at
Micah's Bowling Party!
Roll on over
To Victory Lanes
And Bowl with
James for his birthday!
Come dance and
twirl with the birthday girl
It's Suzie's Birthday
And we're about to flip

So come join her to

Run, tumble and flip
It's time to tumble,
It's time to play,
It's time to celebrate
My Birthday!
Friends of the
gym have gathered to say
Join us in celebrating Samantha's Birthday
There will be cake, ice cream and playing too
the only thing we need is you
so wear your leotard or outside clothes
because where the fun stops no one knows!
Stacie Smith is
turning four!
Here's what we have in store
Jumping, tumbling,
bouncing and fun
Crystals Gym is
where to come
Emma's fifth
birthday is finally here
Join us for
gymnastics, hip-hop and cheer!
From Under the Sea and Onto the Shore
Bring a swimsuit to see what's in store

We'll splash & play, eat cake & more,
Wear you Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts
and we'll provide the leis
Eat roasted pig out by the pool
and limbo like a fool!

Join us for Sarah's 16th Birthday!

Come get wackiki!
It would be really cool
For you to come to our pool

We'll flip and hop and have some fun
While we play in the sun
Bathing suits, sunshine
Come on in, the water's fine!
It's O-Fish-Al Jake is three!
Let's make a splash
As we celebrate!
Christy is 15!
and we're throwing her a party
she'll never forget!
for music, fun, great food to eat,
and a party we know you'll think is sweet!
Sweets and treats and lots of fun
Let's celebrate as
Cally turns 13!
The scoop is . . .
Jessica Taylor is turning 14!

Any way you slice it,
We'll have a great time
at the Birthday
Once in a lifetime
you turn 13
Never again will
this age be seen
I'm inviting you to
help make mine
an event that will
last forever in time
If you're in the
mood to dance
Katie's Birthday is
the chance.
Slip into your
disco gear to see
and swing over to
Club G

Sleepover / Slumber Party

Pizza and ice cream cones . . .
if only my parents
weren't going to be home!
We're staying up all night
Talking 'til the morning light!
Bring your pillow
and your sleeping bag
And join us for an
evening of magic and fun!
We won't worry
about time because
Emily is turning 9!
You'll need your sleeping
bag and pillow too!
I'm having a sleepover
and I'm inviting you!
Bring your favorite tunes-
We'll dance the night away.
Then try to stay up
'till the light of day!
Snack foods and
pillow fights,
telling stories
till dawns early light!
Beauty tips and
doing our hair,
talking about boys,

if only my parents
weren't gonna be there!
Wear your PJ's and
join us for a
Slumber Party!
We'll order pizza
and watch movies too,
and do all the
things that girls like to do!
Like paint our
nails and paint our toes,
and stay up all
night as everyone knows!

Sweet 16 Birthdays

Once upon a time a
little girl had a dream
to have a beautiful
party when she turned Sweet 16
To have a guest
like you there would be a delight
so please come join us for

Angela's Magical Night!
Once in a lifetime do you turn 16
Never again will this age be seen

I'm inviting you to help make mine
an event that will last forever in time
I'm throwing a party
'cause I'm turning sixteen
so come on over --
my house is the scene!
A groovy party for an
awesome chick,
this Sweet Sixteen party will be a kick!
Farewell to dollies,
blankies and bows
Welcome to makeup, telephones and beaus
The big day has arrived
Karen is Sixteen at last
You're invited to a party
that's sure to be a blast!
Bounce on over
for food, friends and fun
Callie's 16th Birthday Party
will be second to none!
Ruffles and lace and Ribbons
and bows
Oh, my, where did time go?
It's a Sweet Sixteen Party for
Ashley Clement
is turning Sweet Sixteen
So join us for a party
our house is the scene!
A party for Ali's Sweet
Sixteenth is only fate,
With a luncheon is how we
will celebrate!

Kids / Children / Teens Birthday Thank You Cards

Just a card to thank you
and a line to tell you too,
nothing could have been more welcome
than that thoughtful gift from you.
But the real gift was just seeing you!
Thank you for sharing in
your own special way,
whether in thought or in presence,
you sure made my day!
One thank you for the gift,
and another for the thought.
A dozen thank yous couldn't tell you
all the happiness they brought.
This brings sincere thanks
for the lovely gift you sent.

We hope it helps to tell you
just how much it meant.
Please accept our
sincere thanks
for the lovely gift.
Both the thought and the gift
made us very happy.
Thank you for
coming to our birthday party and
for your generous gift.
We had a lot of fun
and hope you did too
Hope to see you
again real soon!
Thank you very much for helping
to celebrate my birthday!
The gift was great
and your being with us
made the day even more special.
There are no words
that have yet been created that I could write
There are no
expressions of gratitude that I could give
There is no proper
way for me to thank all of you
nor can it express
my true feelings and gratefulness to you
for making my
Birthday a day to remember!
I thank you all
from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you very much for your
very generous gift.
That night was very special to me
and by you being there was the real gift.
I had a great time, hope you did too.
Hope to see you soon.
This thank you card is long overdue,
however I wanted you to know
how much I appreciated you.
Thanks for the gift
and being there most of all
You're a great
friend, I hope you had a ball.

Resources for Kids Birthday Wordings for Invitations

If you don't have a clue where you should begin, we welcome you to use our invitation wording samples for inspiration. You can copy the wordings exactly as is and edit it according to your needs. You can use your imagination and write your own phrases, or you can piece together different invites, samples, and wordings for something entirely original. The key to getting the best invites is to double-check your work. Look at your invitation cards when you are done designing it using our patented preview features. Complete your order and we'll send your proof via email within one hour. There is no charge for our preview or proof services.

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