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The first time a couple exchanges vows is typically when they are young and are usually quite nervous and excited about all the events and activities. For the wedding vows exchange, many years have passed, the couples probably have children, and a significant milestone has usually occurred to cause you to wan to renew your marriage vows, which is an ever-growing popular practice. A marriage reaffirmation ceremony should not be like a wedding ceremony and should include some specific differences. As you are planning your vows renewal, you will want to ensure your wedding vows renewal invitations are customized with your own invitations wordings for marriage renewal of vows, all of which can be found right here at

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As you begin planning your parents' or your wedding vows renewal ceremony, we offer some basic questions and answers that might be helpful.

Who Can Renew Their Wedding Marriage Vows: There are usually a few common reasons why a couple will want to renew their wedding vows: (a) they are celebrating an anniversary: (b) formalizing their elopement; (c) getting together after a long separation or break; and (d) to have the big wedding ceremony and celebration they did not have the first time. But, in the end, if and when you decide to reaffirm your marriage commitment to each other is totally a personal decision and can be held whenever you feel like doing it.

Who Can / Should Host Your Marriage Vow Renewal Celebration: Typically, this decision is between the couple and their children. Often times, the children will host a marriage vow renewal for their parents, but other times the parents might choose to have a destination vow renewal and invite family members and friends. A couple can renew your wedding vows in a home, house of worship, on the beach, at a special location on a mountaintop, in a pretty park or garden, on a cruise, or any other special place to them. Generally, any place that is of sentimental meaning to them is acceptable.

Wedding Anniversary Milestones are Always Popular Times for Vow Renewals: A reaffirmation of wedding vows can take place any time after the actual marriage; from the next day to 50 to 75 years later. The more popular and often milestones used are: (a)1st; (b) 10th; (c) 25th silver; (d) 30th; (e) golden 50th; and certainly the (f) 75th.

Is a Minister Necessary to Officiate the Marriage Vows Renewal � Who Officiates: Keep in mind that a wedding marriage vows renewal ceremony is not a legal ceremony and not a rite of passage, so there is definitely no need for a minister to officiate the ceremony. However, the decision is solely up to you whether to have one or now.

Who Should Receive Marriage Wedding Vows Renewal Invitations � At, you will find a wide range of the most creative, trendy, and popular wedding vows renewal invitation designs to customize with your own marriage vow renewal invitation wordings. These personalized invitations for vows renewal should be sent to family members and friends whom you want to share in the joy and excitement of your special ceremony and celebration. The number of invites sent depends on how large your ceremony will be.

What are the Events and Procedures of a Vow Renewal Ceremony: In its simplest form, the couple is exchanging their marriage vows again. Typically, the couple will write these vows themselves and will typically have some personal and emotional stories to tell about their life together. These personal moments are usually the most important part of the entire ceremony. And, just as with a wedding, the couple will exchange rings along with involving their children and perhaps their grandchildren. The children often do readings along with playing the couple's favorite music playing just as you would at most wedding ceremonies.

How Formal Should the Reception Be: Since the vow renewal reception is typically the fun part of the event, it is totally up to the couple as to how it is structured. The reception party can be any theme or style, ranging from an informal backyard barbeque to a small and intimate dinner with family, to a cocktail party and dinner at a large party center just like a traditional wedding reception. And, of course, there should be a cake with dancing and the works.

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