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Sometimes, in life, there are significant milestones that merit a special kind of commemoration - the surprise birthday party. However, keeping the event a secret from your guest of honor is of the utmost importance while planning and executing the event's activities. So, from the start, the secret keeping begins with your custom party invitations that clearly outline to your invited guests that 'mums the word'. And with all this enthusiasm and excitement for the surprise birthday party comes the additional challenge of your surprise birthday party invitation wordings. While deciding on your specific approach to this, you'll want decide which one of these three approaches you want to take: creative and clever; the direct route; or a combination which is described more fully below. We at offer our large database of the most appealing and creative wordings, sayings, verses, and quotes found anywhere online.

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Experiencing the Joy and Excitement When Successfully Pull Off

Few things generate the bubbling enthusiasm and nervous excitement quite like a birthday surprise party does. After all, that amazing element of 'catching' the guest of honor by surprise is sufficient to bring in a rush of adrenaline to even the most passive of us. Parties of this nature garner a wide range of emotions, from both the invited guests and the guest of honor. And, the pure squealing, shock, nervous laughter, admonishments of 'quiet' and 'shhh', all in all, are, without a double, lots of fun for all.

Admittedly, it does take a bit of extra planning to ensure the surprise truly happen, but when it is successfully pulled off, there are few things that parallel the resulting excitement and joy. So, once the decision is made, it then becomes an issue of what you will include in the invitation card wordings to be prepared and sent out. Your invite words should certainly include the fact that it is a SURPRISE party, but you'll always want to include other critical details such as the date, day, time, venue, hostess, RSVP details, and anything else particular to the planned event.

Deciding on the Approach of Announcing the Surprise

Choosing the approach to your event celebration is, for the most part, simply a matter of preference. However, let us submit and discuss three of the most important manners used:

  • Creative and Clever - For the more subtle approach, you might want to use clever verses, words, or poems to alert your invited guests about the planned celebration. You can find lots of these in our sample of wording ideas for the most ideal surprise invitation wording.
  • Sometime the Direct Route Works Best - Depending on your list of guest to invite, it might be best to simply use the direct approach. Phrases to use include, 'It's a Surprise!', 'Shhhhhhh', or perhaps even both your invites are most often used and are a certainly perfectly acceptable means of alerting your guests to keep the details under wraps.
  • Additional Issues to Consider – Informing your invited guests about the surprise theme is only part of the event's success. Your wordings on the invitation should also include a specific arrival time for both the guests as well as the anticipated entrance of the guest of honor so everyone can plan accordingly. It's a good idea to present details for parking cars out of view, and include a list of the specific phone number and / or email address for guest RSVP's.

From the moment the surprise invitations are mailed, there's a big risk that someone will 'let the cat out of the bag', so you must clearly indicate on your invite card wordings that it is a surprise party. We encourage you to visit our database and use our wording ideas, sayings, verses, and quotes, either in party, whole, or just for ideas.