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Some might wonder if housewarming parties are still held in today's environment. It is believed that the "house warming" crave hit its popularity height in the 50's and 60's, and as we progressed, some of the finer elements in life, like a housewarming party, were abandoned and left for dead. But, that's simply Not True! Today's version of party invitations for house warmings and moving announcements have taken a more contemporary and progressive look or lingo such as "Yo, bro, check out the crib man". So, because of these changes in trends and customs, the need is more stylish and unique housewarming thank you cards related to "checking out the crib". And, find the most contemporary and popular thank you housewarming card and moving announcement wording samples in our large database, created and maintained just for you.

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Housewarming Thank You Note Card - Being the "new kid" on the block has its perks. Nice neighbors are bound to welcome new comers in the neighborhood. Some good hearted neighbors might even help with the unpacking and moving of furniture and stuff. After all the hassles of the move, the new homeowners usually throw a housewarming party where old and new friends alike can join in celebrating the move to the new house. It is imperative to send out a personalized housewarming thank you card to show one's appreciation for the wonderful reception.

House warming Thank You Party Notes - A housewarming party is one way of showing family and friends the newly built or renovated house. More often than not, a housewarming party is an occasion to gift the house owner with household things that could be used in and out of the house. After the party and after the homeowners have settled in their new home, personal a house warming thank you card should be sent out  individually to the guests. The new owners could go creative and personalize their own hand crafted thank yous. One idea is to take a picture of the new house as background with the homeowner(s) in the foreground holding a big card with the words "Thank You" written on it. This is a gesture that would be highly appreciated by the guests.