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have a graduation ceremony for your homeschooled graduate with cap, gown, robe, graduating scrolls, and his diploma

Customize Your Homeschool Graduation Announcements for Your Proud Graduate

During the last two decades, more and more young people are being educated at home. The home schooling movement does not just include people from strict religious backgrounds, although they did help gain acceptance for this approach to education. Today, millions of students are beginning to complete their educational requirements and are preparing for home school graduation, and sending home school graduation announcements invitations cards to family and friends. We invite you to browse our large collecton of original home school graduation announcement wording ideas to ensure your announcing invitations include all the details.

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Graduating Requirements for Homeschooled Graduates

If you or your child has been educated at home, you'll need to prepare for graduation. Different states have different requirements for the graduates. However, most states take a very hands-off approach, which means the homeschooling parents or the overseer of the education have lots of flexibility. But, graduates must meet the minimum requirements for graduation established by the state, which is why you will need to ensure you establish and maintain proper records.

In some cities, you can find home schooling graduate programs that allow students to go participate in a ceremony similar to the more traditional school ceremonies. However, these programs are usually small and are usually held at local churches. If you're part of a homeschooling group, you can ask about these programs or you could even work together to form your own if a large number of students are nearing the end of their education.

Remember that if your home school grad intends to further their education at a college or university, he will need to complete the SAT and / or ACT exams just like other high school graduates to be admitted to these higher learning facilities. On the bright side, most universities are very accepting of children who have completed a home schooling curriculum because many have been overachievers and eagerly await their college university graduation.

Embellishing Your Invites and Announcing Cards for Homeschool Graduations

A home school graduate announcement is usually purchased a few weeks before the actual ceremony. However, if you are in home school you do not necessarily need to have a ceremony at a set time. You can announce your graduating event any time you fulfill the requirements. Many parents, however, wait to make the announcement until after their child has passed the SAT or ACT and have been accepted into a college. That way the celebration for all of the events can be announced and celebrated simultaneously with the graduation cards. At you can use our patented personalize and real time preview features before paying for your announcing cards.

When you send out the announcing cards, be sure to send one to any friends or family members. If you are active in your local church or in any clubs, be sure to send them to those individuals as well. Don't include any gift registry information, although most people will likely send gifts to celebrate the event. But you don't want recipients to feel a present is expected, as this is definitely unacceptable etiquette.

If you are going to have a party or graduation open house send homeschool graduation party invitations, you'll probably want to include RSVP information. You may also want to send custom homeschooling invitations if you are going to participate in one of the ceremonies.

So, whether you're sending embellished party invites or homeschool graduation announcements, CardsShoppe is the place to look for the most exclusive and complete collection. Happy Shopping and Best of Luck to your Grad.