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customize your graduation party invites by adding graduating photo or maybe even a baby picture or both of the graduate

Create Stylish Graduation Party Invitations That You'll Treasure Forever

Personalized graduation party invitations are ordered by parents who want to honor the commitment of their hard working graduates. A custom graduating party invitation represents one of the biggest events in a graduate's life. After all, it's not every day that someone graduates from high school, a technical training school, a university, or any other higher learning institution. When parents honor their grads, it's a way of commending them for their dedication and accomplishments, and it also serves as a way of motivating grads by demonstrating the positive rewards associated with hard work. Look for lots of unique graduating party invitation wording ideas in our large database.

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Popular Graduate Party Invitation Themes and Design

When browsing through our extensive online collection of exclusive designs, you'll want to create a special occasion theme for the celebration. You might consider choosing invitation cards that matches to your child's school colors. Even if you don't find invites that perfectly correspond to the colors of your child's school, just ask and we'll be happy to customize our stationery for you so you can have graduating invites that are perfect for your occasion. Using our instant preview and patented personalized features, you can match the color of ink used on party invites as well, so you'll have your words printed in the school colors too.

Graduation Party Invitation Imagery: Do you want to add a mascot perhaps a photo of your proud grad? We supply you with an Upload Photo option so you can put whatever pictures you want on your stationery. We give you total card design freedom so you can be creative. Plus, we know how important it is to always have a few extras which is why we offer you 10 free cards and free shipping with minimum quantity.

You'll want your affordable and discounted graduation party invitations to be a treasure, since they will serve as a constant reminder of the big day in your child's life.