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the First Communion ceremony is followed by a celebration and typically a brunch or luncheon hosted by the family

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The First Communion ceremony, in a Catholic, Protestant, and Lutheran tradition, is when a child receives the Holy Eucharist. Usually the children participating are between the ages of seven and eight years old. This Holy Communion began in the early church to remember the sacrifices and teachings of Jesus and symbolizes the last Passover meal Jesus shared with His disciples. The various symbols of this celebration include the Eucharist, crosses, and rosaries. The participates are usually given prayer books Rosaries as gifts. Custom Communion invitations are an ideal way of brings people together. Those who attend church services form a community of church members who get involved in special events, services, and regular acts of worship. A custom First Communion invitation is a polite way to not only invite loved ones or friends to a child's ceremony, but you can use printed Holy Communion invites to get in touch with members of the church to invite them to one of the important religious events in your child's life. We offer a large variety of unique religion invitation wording ideas and samples for all type First Holy Communion ceremonies.

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