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Free Baptism Invitations with Attractive Baptismal Invitation Designs

Religious Baptism invitations are an exceptional means of getting your family, friends, and congregation members together to celebrate your child's Baptism. After all, most will agree that this religious rite of passage deserves a celebration. As your child is Baptized, he is spiritually washed or cleansed and is simultaneously embraced by the entire church community. This ritual is rich in symbolism that can be added to custom religious Baptism invitation cards from so your Baptism celebration invites parallel this sacred rite. Choosing your religious Baptism invitation design is definitely a big decision, but that doesn't mean you have to pay a huge price to get the most attractive and religiously significant invitation cards for Baptisms. We maintain an enormous array of religious stationery, and you can be confident that no other religion stationary vendor will sell our exclusive invitge cards. And, our gigantic library of invitation wording for Baptism ceremonies and celebrations has lots of ideas and samples for your use.

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Creative Baptism Invitation and their Symbolism

Insignias for Baptismal Invitations - Insignias are an emblem, sign, of symbol of an important concept; invitations can be bedecked in attractive, vividly colored insignias so that they can capture the eye of your invited guests. Insignias also share meaning and intensify the message you share. For example, during this rite, the child is dipped in the water to signify the experience of a spiritual cleansing. You can get invitation stationery cards with pictures of Baptismal fonts, Christian crosses, Christening attire, or hands in prayer.

Additional Options for Personalized Baptism Invitation Cards - When you get the religious attire for your child, you can dress him up and take his photograph. You can use the picture to decorate your invitation so that it is completely custom made. If you have a full color picture and you want to give the image an antique look, you can use photo editing software to change the saturation levels of the image before you upload it to us for adding to your totally customized invitation cards.

You can choose appropriate images and religious invitation wording for your expressive Baptism invitations to make them more meaningful.