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those all important first birthday party invites are just too cute to discard, so many keep them as keepsakes

Create Unique 1st Birthday Invitations for Your Baby's First Birthday Party

You baby turns one but one time in a Lifetime, so you will definitely want to make it extra special with our exclusive and adorable 1st birthday invitations. In addition to our large collection of unique party invites for that all important first birthday, we also have matching thank you notes cards to express your appreciation and thanks. However, to many parents, grand parents, and others, the personalized 1st birthday invitations are just too beautiful and important to discard. Since you invested so much time, thought, and energy into creating your custom first birthday invitation cards that you and your guests will appreciate, you'll definitely want to ensure they are appreciated by all. Therefore, if you have ordered printable party invites for baby's first birthday and you have found you have several invite cards remaining after you have hosted your event, you can put them to some creative use.'s beautiful invitations for baby birthdays can enhance a number of creative and artistic projects. Help with your baby 1st birthday invitation wordings is available in our helpful database of sayings and verses.

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Creative 1st Birthday Invitations Ideas

Keeping a 1st Birthday Invitation as a Mementos - If you have begun building an attractive baby book for your toddler, you'll definitely want to add at least one of your child's invites. In fact, some parents add one to the book each year following the passage of yet another wonderful birthday. You can use yearly party invitation cards as chapter divisions in the book of your child's life. Every party stationery card marks another yearly milestone.

Popular First Birthday Invitation as a Photo Keepsakes - Since you have the opportunity to put a picture on any party invite you order, you will definitely not want to discard them. Consider setting them on a colorful piece of paper and framing the image with a beautiful silver baby frame. If you have several invites remaining, you can do the same to make terrific gifts for grandparents, godparents, aunts, and uncles too. After all, who wouldn't want a keepsake such as this?

There are plenty of uses for your party stationary when you have a few left over, so don't be afraid to get a few extra affordable 1st birthday invitations.