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while planning and customizing your discount 99¢ housewarming party invites, you will want everything to be relaxing and fun, and a comfortable environment

Creative Invitation Wording Samples for Cheap 99¢ House Warming Invitations

Before you start the inauguration of your new home to family and friends, you'll definitely want to refresh your understanding of the appropriate etiquette for housewarming invitation wording. After all, this includes much more than simply inviting people over and hoping the entire event goes well. As the house warming party host, you'll certainly, as a minimum, want to ensure that your guests feel welcome, are comfortable, and have a fun and enjoyable time interacting with all the other guests. After all, it's not every day when you move into your own house. As you begin planning just the right celebration, you will want everything to be relaxing and fun, and an environment where friends and family can visit with each other and feel comfortable. While searching for and customizing your unique and discount 99¢ house warming party invitation cards, you can rely on our gigantic collection of housewarming party invitation wording samples, sayings, and verse ideas, some of which are shown below

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Find Lots of Housewamring Party Invitation Wording Samples Below Cards

We outgrew our house
there wasn't enough space
We hope you'll come and visit
and see our new place!

Our new address is:
98 5th Street
Paula, Alabama 33333

We've moved again,
but we haven't traveled far.
We're inviting you to a party
so you'll know where we are!

Housewarming Party!
Sunday, November 2nd
5568 Camphor Lane
Panama, FL 33856

Tour at 5:00 p.m.
Dinner at 7:00 p.m.

John and Kim Flinch

We've packed up boxes,
lamps, and chairs...
now our home is somewhere new
and we couldn't leave and settle in without telling you!

Please visit us
on Saturday, June 7th at 3 pm
for a Housewarming Party!

Sarah, James, Patrick, Kelly, and Fluffy Samson
11004 Hyde Parke Lane
Thomasville, Georgia 33333

The Taylor Family
has their new home!

Please join us for a
Housewarming Party!
Saturday, June 9th, 2018
3:00 p.m.
4668 South Bend Street
Northern City, Maryland
(555) 555-5555

We may have moved
to somewhere new
But we'd love to stay
in touch with you
We're having a housewarming party
so please show up anytime

They finally got the house
please come and help
celebrate at a
house warming party

We went out on a limb and
now we're homeowners
Join us for a
Housewarming Wing-Ding

Dear friends and family,
We would all like you to meet
for a house warming party
at our new house and street

The drywall is hung
We've wired the lights
We're constructing a
housewarming party
On Saturday night

We're having a Housewarming Party
and we hope to see you there,
they'll be plenty of hors d'oeuvres
and plenty of beer
We're going to celebrate
in a really fun way
Be there at 8 p.m., September 21st

We've bought a new house,
and a Housewarming party
is the best part
So please say you'll come
and not be an old fart!

Donna and Harry
have a new address
Won't you come over
to see their new nest
with a housewarming party

We may have moved
to somewhere new
But we'd love to
stay in touch with you
We're having a house warming party
so please show up anytime

We've move into a new house
But to turn a house into a home
it takes good friends like you
Because the warmth of your friendship
fills our house and our hearts, too
Please come to a housewarming dinner

Primary Purpose for House Warming Party Invitations Wording

After you have selected your housewarming party theme and card design, then you'll want to turn your attention to the invite wordings, which we provide lots of samples above. You may use the sample wordings in total, parts of, or just for ideas. There are a few basic details you will want to include but generally you want your invite words to express how thrilled you are to be hosting the celebration and how glad you will be if your guests join you in this happy day and celebrations.

Specific Detail Wording for Housewarming Party Invites

After you have a good understanding of the primary thrust of your invites wording – you want your invited guests to attend your party – it's time to consider the details to be included. Generally, you will want to ensure it covers:

  *  Date and Time – Your invite cards should include the date and hours of the party. Hosting your event on a weekend or a holiday is the more popular dates.

  *  Time for Mailing – Because some of your guests will likely be from out of town, you will want to mail your invitations three to four weeks in advance. Your invitation should be sent through the email, and you should avoid posting invites on the social networking sites.

  *  Disclosing Your Theme – You'll want your invited guests to know the theme you have selected so they can dress appropriately. For example, if your theme is Hawaiian luau, then your guest can wear casual luau type attire.

  *  Reply Cards, Response Cards, or R.S.V.P. Cards – It is very important that you have an accurate count of the number of guests who will be attending so you can plan more effectively. Therefore, your invite should include how and when to reply if they will be attending. This information will help you keep a tab on the total number of guests who are attending or those who have declined.

  *  Providing Directions – Your invites should include directions and possible even a map to assist those out of town guests in finding your new house with ease. These directions can be printed on the back of the invite or written on a separate card and enclosed with your invitation cards.

Ensure Your House or Apartment is Set Up and Ready for the Party

You will want to ensure you house or apartment is ready for the event and not leave clutter lying around, which means, no cardboard boxes must be visible, no tapes must be hanging off the walls and the paint job must be complete. Your house should be set up, looking like a home, and ready for the planned event with all the furnishing and décor in impeccable condition looking as if your house has been inhabited for a long time.

Welcoming Guests – Meet All at the Door When Arriving and Departing

As you party begins, you will want to position yourself near the entrance door so you can greet each guest as they enter. This is an absolute necessity, regardless of the number attending. As part of the greeting, you will need to give them a quick tour, and then let them roam around freely and mingle with the other guests. Letting them wonder around on their own allows them to take their time as they take in all the features of your new home and spend as much time with the other guests as they choose. And, as they are departing, you'll want to see each off from your house thanking each of them for accepting your invitation and visiting your new home.

Although you should never ask, you should expect that most guests will bring a gift. And, you should accept these gifts graciously and never complain about not having received one from a particular guest even in a joking manner. Such comments will not be taken kindly and will make you look bad. Another very important etiquette is to never mention gifts housewarming party invitation wording.