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Holiday Invitation Etiquette

Holiday Invitation Etiquette - Sticking to Acceptable Guidelines with Your Invites

Holiday invitation etiquette - it's a subject that intimidates some people. Many people panic when they even hear the word "etiquette." In truth, holiday stationery etiquette is nothing to get too worried about, especially when you are ordering your invitation cards stationery from We have patented preview features that help you ensure your invite cards contain all the important information it should, and we offer lots of invitation wording samples for holidays so you can easily come up with your own invite wording.

Holiday Stationery Etiquette and Abbreviations

We have tools allowing you to add your own unique invitation wording. As you add words to your invitations, keep in mind that you should avoid the use of abbreviations and that you should spell out titles like "Professor," and "Doctor." It is okay to use standard abbreviations like Jr., Mrs., Mr., and Ms., however. As is custom with all stationery, the husband's title comes before that of the wife.

Knowing Holiday Invitation Etiquette and Mailing - Make sure you get enough invites for everyone. Anyone over the age of eighteen should get an invitation, but if you are on a tight budget, it is perfectly acceptable to send a single invitation to all members of a single household. We help cover some of your cost by offering 10 free cards and free shipping which enables you to include just a few extras. This way you'll have a few on hand if you think of more people you want to invite to your big event.

We help you ensure that you remain within the guidelines of holiday stationery etiquette.

Know the Best Holiday Invitation Etiquette!