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History of Baby Showers

Learning the Traditions, Evolution and Baby Shower History

The baby shower history, not surprisingly, is intriguing and rich. Women have been celebrating the anticipation of birth for centuries, and today, the history of baby showers has evolved in such a way that there are even couples coed baby shower events too. Exploring how showers have changed can introduce you to some of the long held traditions surrounding these special events. The history of showers also introduces you to some of the wonderful shower-oriented symbols you can add to your personalized baby shower invitations and complementing invitation wordings for baby showers from

Baby Shower History - Earliest Beginnings

During the nineteen century, tea parties were common, and shower events became associated with symbols that include teacups as well as parasols - women would often dress up and can carry parasols to these tea parties. After the conclusion of World War II, baby showers became even more popular, and around this time was when these events began to be referred to as showers, because of all the wonderful gifts showered upon the expecting mother. At one time only a party for females, today, people recognize the importance of including fathers to be too!

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Learning all about the baby shower history can inspire you to create unique, personalized invites!