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in the u.s., 60% of the people celebrate Halloween by decorating their homes with ghosts, witches, and jack-o-lanterns

Interesting Halloween Invitations and Party Celebrations in the U.S. and Around the World

One of the best things about the fall season is planning your Halloween celebrations and parties. Most of October is celebrated all around the world with spooky events and adrenaline raising parties for Halloween. In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 60% of people celebrate it by decorating their homes with ghosts, witches, and, of course, the world famous jack-o-lanterns. Also, more is spent on candy during this holiday than any other time of the year except for Christmas. Many people who have a party will shop for and personalize their scary invitations for Halloween and rely on our large collection of blood curling Halloween party invitation wording ideas and samples. But, read on to learn lots more details about this ghostly holiday and its celebrations that are loved by all.

Origins of the Early Halloween Celebrations

Did you ever wonder why you need those spooky invites for your Halloween party? Well, you can thank the Celtic people who once lived in what is now the UK. On October 31st, they celebrated Samhain, which was a big festival to honor the Lord of the Dead. The day was considered special because they believed the spirits of the dead were able to move into this world on that night and could walk around freely until dawn. They didn't even need ghost cards to join the celebration. Now if you're wondering why you sometimes send out Halloween costume invitations for your party, you can thank the Celts for this, too. Because not all of those free roaming spirits were nice folks, the festival involved wearing costumes so the evil spirits couldn't find you.

Trick-r-Treating Beginnings

Another interesting aspect is sending kids door to door begging for treats - a practice known today as trick r treating. While modern children don't think anything of this fun activity, since it is a rather modern practice, which started in the 1930s. Although no evidence exist, it is thought that the trick or treat was encouraged by adults to prevent children from vandalizing property on Halloween night.

A much earlier version of this holds that the trick r treat originated from a practice known as souling which was practiced throughout the UK and Europe on November 1st. On this date, adults, and kids with no food or money would go door to door for a handout in exchange for prayers for their deceased relatives. It is thought that this thought might have inspired some of today's Halloween celebrations in the United States.

Origins of Halloween Party Invite Cards Worldwide

Other countries throughout the world, just as we do, have plenty of reasons to send out invitations. For example, Romania is a good place to visit on October 31st. You can go to Dracula's castle and watch recreations of witch trials while taking a tour through Transylvania. You can also find Trick or treating in other parts of the world, too, such as in Denmark and parts of South America. Mexico is also a great place to visit for Halloween for their traditional Day of the Dead festivities.

You'll find Halloween celebrations throughout much of the world are a big part of this time of year. So, you're free to enjoy these fun activities in lots of different ways. You might be interested in reading more about the latest Halloween invitation design creations and the most popular styles and trends for Halloween party invites.