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Creative Cooking Culinary School Wordings for 99¢ Graduation Announcements Invitations

Two graduation terms are frequently used interchangeably, new chef announcement cards, and school of culinary invitation cards for graduations are for totally different reasons and purposes. Culinary announcements for graduation, currently discounted to 99¢, are sent to family members and friends and the wording should be an announcement of your educational accomplishments and achievements. Cooking school invitation wording for graduation are for inviting those special people in your life to your new chef graduation ceremony and party celebrations. Culinary cooking school announcement cards may also be used as a notification of your school for new chef graduating open house or another type cooking culinary school graduate party celebration. Find an entire library of trendy, popular, and affordable new chef culinary graduation announcement and invitation designs for adding your unique wording. And, for lots of ideas and sample wordings, sayings, and verses, continue reading below.

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Find Lots of Culinary Cooking School Graduation Announcement Invitation Wording Samples for New Chef Below Cards

Andrew sauted, basted,
cooked and fried
until his fingers looked
like french fries!
He never got steamed
because he kept his cool
and learned to use all those
neat and useful cooking tools!

Please join
Chef Andrew Landon Wyatt
and his family for dinner
to celebrate
Andrews graduation from the
Culinary Institute of America

Saturday, September 7th
8:00 p.m.
Crown Restaurant

RSVP by August 25th

He tossed the dice and glazed
through culinary school and
didn't fold or let it beat him.
When times got hard, he was
grilled but blended right in and
chilled out, even though
sometimes he felt kneaded and
whipped, but he was
never lukewarm.
He had to refresh,
deglaze and reconstitute
himself but in the end
he mixed all of ingredients
and passed the course
with a high score.

Come join us to celebrate
Chef Caleb Landons
graduation from culinary school
Saturday, June 17th a 7:00 p.m.
745 Breezeway Drive
cocktails and hors doeuvres

Given by family and friends

RSVP by June 7th
Elizabeth 654-7822

He whisked his way
through culinary school...
Learning to use all the
universal utensil tool!

He sauted, braised and baked
almost every type of cuisine
...And even created
original recipes using
a variety of ingredients
from fruits, vegetables,
meats, tofu to beans!

Please join us for
drinks and hors doeuvres
to celebrate our sons

Chef Nathan Connor Williams

from culinary school

Saturday, June 20th
7:00 p.m.
247 Lakeside Drive

Hosted by
Audrey and Clark Williams

RSVP by June 10th

Culinary school is definitely toast!
So now were ready to boast
that our son graduated
from the
Culinary Institute of America
and is now
Chef Ethan Daniel Barnes

Please be our guest for dinner
Saturday, July 19th
8:00 p.m.
Caf Boulud

RSVP by June 20th 212-775-4541

on Scotts graduation from
Kaplan University

Open House
Hosted by proud parents
Jane and Randy Blake

Celebration and Tasting
Sunday, the twentieth of July
three oclock in the afternoon
at our home
784 Cottonwood Lane

RSVP by the sixth of July, 458-7841

Soon Lucas will be chopping,
sauting and creating delicious feasts
day and night
now that he has graduated
Culinary Arts School of Cooking

Please join us in congratulating

Chef Lucas Ryan Moore

Proud Parents
Scarlet and Landon Moore

Soon Lucas will be chopping, sauting
and creating delicious feasts day and night
now that he has graduated
Culinary Arts School of Cooking

Please join us for dinner to celebrate
Chef Lucas Ryan Moore's Graduation

Saturday, May 20th at 7:00 p.m.
The Riverside Yacht Club
(complimentary valet parking)

Scarlet and Landon

RSVP by May 10th at 567-7812