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Creative Graduation Wording Samples for 99¢ 8th Grade, Middle School, Jr High Announcements Invitations

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"A hundred years from now
it will not matter
what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in,
or the kind of car I drove.
But the world may be a better place
because I made a difference in
the life of a child."
- Forest Witcraft

Thank YOU
for making a difference in
the life of our Son!!

We invite you to share with us as
Tommy James Porter
graduates from
All Saints Catholic Middle School
5555 Main Street
Your City, State

Saturday, June 7, 20xx
5:30 p.m.

Reception following at
St. Thomas Youth Activity Center
Street Address, City, State

Please RSVP to
555.555.5555 or

Graduation is a time to kick back
and call on family and friends
It's time to celebrate
because Johnny's 8th grade
has finally come to an end!

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Porter
are proud to announce that

Johnny Wayne Porter

is graduating from
Eagle Middle School

(add graduating details)

There is no greater joy than
watching your child achieve
an educational milestone in his life

Please join us at our home
for a Graduation Party to honor

Blake Harry Edwards

(add graduating details)

With a toss of a hat
and a scroll in hand
the Graduate has infinite possibilities
to succeed throughout the land

Let's congratulate and
extend our best wishes to

Harry Wayne Porter

as the newest graduate of
Lexington Park Middle School

(add graduating details)

Our little boy is almost all grown up
In books he's been around the world
and seen many sites
He made it through Middle School
without putting up much of a fight

Please join us for

Harry Wayne Porter's

Middle School Graduation

(add graduating details)

The years have flown by
and so has our son,
right before our eyes

It is with great pride
that we announce the
Junior High School Graduation
of our son,

Thomas Harry Porter

from White Canyon Academy

Tommy will be attending
Jefferson High School in September

(add graduating details)

8th grade was such a blast
a time to remember and
friendships that will last

We're moving up to high school
and preparing for college
Before you know
it we'll be filled with
an abundance of knowledge

Please join us in honor of

Karen Elise Porter

(add graduating details)

Junior high school is a time of yearning
for what's ahead and what's left behind.
Neither child nor adult,
unrestrained with love and fear combined.
Now that we must leave, we have the pleasure
of moving one step nearer to who we are,
knowing they are equal.

Please join us for the graduation of our son

Thomas Harry Porter

(add graduating details)

Dr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Porter
announce that our son,

Sidney Wayne Porter, II

has graduated from
North St. Louis Junior High School

Please join us at a dinner party to celebrate

(add graduating details)

Please join us as we celebrate the
8th Grade Graduation of our son,

Wayne Harris Porter

from Trenton Middle School

(add graduating details)

The honor of your presence is requested
Saturday, the thirteenth of June
Two thousand and (year)
in honor of

Janice Marie Porter's

Middle School Graduation

(add graduating details)

A stepping stone to higher learning
A bridge over the education river
Middle School has come to an end

Please join us as our daughter,

Janie Rene Porter

graduates from
Roselawn Middle School

(add graduating details)

Today we learn,
Tomorrow we lead . . .
Please join us as

Janie Rene Porter

graduates from
Roselawn Middle School to High School

(add graduating details)

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Etiquette for Junior High School Graduating Quotes, Sayings, and Wordings

There are key elements that every card you order must include if your jr high school stationery is going to serve its purpose in offering information about your upcoming grad event. You will want to be mindful of suggested etiquette guidelines too, so that every message you send is conveyed respectfully. The suggested etiquette guidelines are available on our website.

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