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while planning, remember most guests are kids, and in some situations, little girls are sometimes more difficult to please

Find Lots of Unique Girl Birthday Invitation Wording Samples for Your Baby Girl Party

When you begin searching for just the right girl birthday invitation design, there are a few details you will want to be mindful of. But, primarily, you'll want to look for your unique girl birthday party invitations that really meet their specific needs and make an impression on the invited guests. And, since many of the invited guests will be kids, it might be a little more challenging. After all, is some situations, children, and in most cases, little girls are sometimes the more difficult ones to please. An example is the party invites to a girl's birthday celebration. These customized birthday invites should include something special about the guest of honor, your little girl. Maybe she dreams of being a ballerina or a gymnast, or perhaps she has always wanted to be a princess. You, as the parent, should consider these things when selecting the theme and creating your party invitation wordings, sayings, and verses for girls birthdays. Find some of the more popular samples below.

From Under the sea
and onto the shore
Bring a swimsuit to
see what's in store
We'll splash & play, eat cake & more

Janice Marie is turning FIVE

On your toes for position one
A gymnastic party is so much fun
Grab your leotard and join us for
Angela's birthday fun

We're having a party
and we'll "spare" no expense
On Sunday, July 10th
the fun will commence
When the clock "strikes" 5:00 p.m.
the pins will fall
and you are invited to have a ball

Our little girl, Susie, is turning four
Here's what we have in store
Jumping, tumbling, bouncing and fun
Kathy's Gym is where to come

From Under the sea
and onto the shore
Bring a swimsuit
to see what's in store
We'll splash & play, eat cake & more

Susan Milton is turning FOUR

Hear Yee! Hear Yee!
Calling all knights
and fair maidens too
A day of fun and games await you
Lady Candy Morrison
is celebrating her
2nd birthday

Friends of the gym
have gathered to say.
Join us in celebrating
Susan's birthday will include lots of
cake, ice cream and playing too
The only thing we need is you
so wear your leotard
or outside clothes
because where the fun stops
no one knows

It's Sharon's birthday
and we're about to flip
so come join her to
run, tumble and flip

Customizing Your Girls Birthday Invitations Wordings

Just as every little girl is special to her parents, the party invites used for her birthday celebration should be, too. Whether she is turning one, sixteen, or somewhere in between, your perfect invitation cards can be made even more special with a few finishing touches. At, our customers can include these special features and options, including totally personalizing their wordings on their birthday invite cards. To do this, you first select the design you want, and then you can make any changes you want. Most choose to use their own personal words in place of the default wording. You can even add a photograph, use different ink colors, and adjust the size and style of the font. All these special features are free to you.

Find Your Own Uniquely Special Girls Birthday Party Invitations

The ideal invites might sometimes seem to be a bit elusive, but they really aren't going to be that difficult to find. The host just needs to be tentative to outstanding personalized invitation stationery websites like CardsShoppe that specializes in kids birthday party stationary. Our gigantic collection of invite designs for girls makes it an ideal place for finding just the right card for that special little angel's celebration. Of course, our words and sayings are an added feature.

Deciding on the perfect party stationery for girls of all ages and finding it for a price within your budget is the challenge faced by party planning parents all the time. With our help, your quest for the perfect invites accompanied by wording ideas for girls birthday invitations just got much easier.