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special promotion for free invitation announcement card designs and lots of other discounts and promotions

Our Promotion Specials Save You as Much as 40% with Invitations Announcements Cards

As a valued customer, we realize you are always looking for the best bargains possible as you search for your invitation announcement cards to personalize. It is because of this, and many more reasons, that we offer the most exclusive, stylish, trendy, and popular invitation announcement card designs with gigantic discounts and money-saving promotions found throughout our website.

Our current promotion for 10 free invites and announcing cards, subject to be discontinued at any time, enables you to add 10 of the same invitation announcement cards with the same customization features to your order without any additional card costs. However, we do ask that you purchase a minimum quantity of 50 cards and to pay for the 10 envelopes and any other special features such envelop imprinting and adding a photo to participate in this great promotion. So, here are the details of participating in the 10 free stationery cards promotions on our Exclusive Stationery**:

  • after adding a minimum of 50 or more Exclusive Cards to your shopping cart, you simply
  • click the option to ADD 10 FREE Cards to your cart, and presto, you now have 10 additional cards without any cost
  • we ask that your free announcements and invitation cards have the same wording, image, and card number
  • envelope costs and other special charges like envelope imprinting and photo charges will be added

Based on the quantity you purchase, this can amount to a GIGANTIC 40% SAVINGS!

Here is a quick example of how it works, assuming your added 50 exclusive cards to your shopping cart:

After completing your personalizing, add the quantity of cards you want to purchase along with any accessories such as envelope imprinting, thank you cards, RSVP cards, if needed; then

  • click 'ADD to CART' at the bottom of the page
  • your items and the quantity you selected will be added to your shopping cart
  • look just below your card quantity, and you will see an option, 'ADD 10 FREE'
  • if you want to add your free cards, simply Click on that option, 'ADD 10 FREE'
  • your shopping cart page will automatically update itself by adding the 10 free cards along with the same quantity of envelopes and any other additional items you added like thank you cards, rsvp cards or so on
  • after getting the total quantity you need, proceed to the option at the bottom and click 'Continue Check Out'

Please remember that the following limitations and restrictions are applicable to this 10 free cards promotion:

  • we ask that you purchase a minimum of 50 invitations announcements stationery cards
  • applies ONLY to our Exclusive Cards, which are identified by the price of 'as low as .79 cents'
  • this promo is for a limited time only and subject to be modified and / or discontinued at any time without advance notice
  • applies only to exclusive cards on our website

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