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Amazing Coed Baby Shower Invitation Wordings for Discount 99¢ Party Invitations

Now that you have decided on a couples baby shower coed party celebration, you'll certainly want to be mindful that it will be a bit different from the traditional 'girls only' showers. So, you'll want to start with just the right coed baby shower invitation wordings to sure everyone knows it will be for couples. Even though there's lots of planning to be done, we'd like for you to know that we at are here to help. Among the many ways we offer assistance is with offering our suggestions and advice on a unique coed party theme and most affordable baby shower invites for coed couples Party discounted 45+% to 99¢ to complement your theme. But, that's just the beginning! We also offer expert suggestions and advice on just about every detail of your party celebrations, including colorful sayings, verses, quotes, and wording ideas for coed couples baby showers, as shown below. Feel free to use these sample words totally, in part, or just for inspiration.

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Browse Most Creative Couples Baby Shower Wordings, Sayings, and Verse Samples Below Coed Party Invitation Cards

It's not just for mom,
it's for dad too!
Come bring a blanket or toy
or even baby shampoo!

Please join us for a
Couples Baby Shower
to honor

Christine and Randy Goldstone

(date, time and location)

The stork is coming,
bringing someone precious and new
Mommy is delighted
and so is daddy too!

Let's shower the parents,
Madison and Eli Trenton
at a Coed Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Her room is ready
the time is getting near.
We can hardly wait
until the baby is here!
Before that time comes
let's shower the parents,

Kelley and Daniel Bluestone
at a
Couples Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

The girls are thinking pink
The guys are thinking blue
a Couples Baby Shower
could settle this dispute

You're invited to a
Couples Baby Shower
to honor the parents-to-be,
Marianna and Tim Roberts

(date, time and location)

The time is coming,
She's almost due
A party not just for one,
But a party for two!

Please join us for a
Couples Baby Shower
to honor

Jeanne and Scott Redmond

(date, time and location)

Bring your Hubby, Come Celebrate!

It's a Couples Baby Shower...
so please don't be late!

Aubrey and Tom's baby is on the way
Let's help them prepare for the big day

(date, time and location)

A new little baby is on the way so
please reserve this special day!
A Couples Baby Shower
is what they'll have
It's not just for mom,
it's also for dad!

Please join us for a Coed Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

Twinkle, Twinkle little star
How we wonder what you are
Judy and Ralph haven't a hunch
While we're patiently waiting
Let's have a get together at Lunch!

Please join us for a
Coed Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

They're expecting a baby,
a new bundle of joy...
a very special gift,
be it a girl or boy!
Please join us for a
Couples Baby Shower

Kelly and Tyrone Baker

(date, time and location)

Amanda and Henry's baby is on the way,
Let's help them prepare for the big day!

You're invited to a
Coed Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

We're having a
Couples Baby Shower
that's sure to be fun
The men will drink beer and
the women will let them know
when we're done!

Please join us
(date, time and location)

We're having a party for our favorite couple,
you see Barbara and Lance
are having baby number three!

Bring only necessities,
for they have plenty of toys
We hope you can come and share in their joy!

A Couples Baby Shower

(date, time and location)

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Ideas on Your Wordings for Coed Baby Shower

Now, you may have gone to showers before so know some of the usual items to include, such as fun games. After you have decided to host a couples party, there are a number of choices you might want to think about before moving too far ahead with your planning party invitation cards. Should this event be something the mother-to-be knows all about or would you prefer that it be a surprise?

Customizing Your Coed Shower Sayings

We don't want you to simply settle for what we offer. Instead, we want you to blend both so you can get the best of both worlds. Our gigantic selection of exclusive card designs and saying ideas are unlike any you've see and are certainly not available anywhere else online or at your local retail box store. You'll never have to worry about the entire neighborhood finding the same invitation card wordings on different sites. No one wants that to happen, which is why we not only offer unique choices that will reflect your favorite co-ed theme, but we also offer features that enable you customize any of the cards on our website.

A more detail explanation of these features might be best illustrated with an actual example. Assume you've decided to have a couples' shower, and you know we have the invites specifically for such an event. You simply choose one that you like, but maybe you're not 100% sold on the ink color or maybe the font style doesn't match your theme. Or, perhaps, you just want to give it your personal touch. Our patented features enable you to do exactly that and more like seeing your changes instantly after making them. If you like what you see, complete your order, and you can enjoy your proof within one hour. When you approve your proof, your order will be printed and shipped that same day at no additional cost to you.

You'll have the ideal coed couples baby shower invitation wordings for your party celebration.