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Creative Christmas Invitation Wording for Your 99¢ Holiday Party Invitations

It might come as a surprise that a few of our customers have concerns about creating just the right party invitation wordings for Christmas. While you might have all the warm and joy-filled sentiments in the world and you might very well be quite a sociable person, when it comes to putting your sentiments into Christmas party invitation wordings, there are those who simply get that feeling of simply being totally overwhelmed. There are concerns about leaving important details out of Christmas invitations words or not phrasing things on your custom party invites in a socially acceptable way. However, be concerned no more, as we at have the total solutions for overcoming wordings, sayings, or verses challenges on your personalized and festive party invitations for Christmas. By taking advantage of our gigantic database of unique wordings ideas and samples, you'll find it easy to maintain social etiquette as you share your holiday expressions of good will and cheer. We invite you to view many sample words below.

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As another holiday season approaches,
the Potter family sends you their
warmest Christmas wishes.
May you find the true spirit of the season
and may it fill your heart with joy.

Season's Greetings

The Potters
Sandra, Sidney, Janie, Allie, and Trise

What is Christmas?
A time for celebrating
A time for remembering
A time for giving
A time for faith
A time for family
A time for friends
A time for peace
A time for wishing you
a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Sandra, Sidney, Janie, Allie, and Trise

The stockings have been hung with care,
the cookies have been baked and frosted,
the tree has been trimmed,
the presents have been wrapped,
and the only thing left is to wish you the
merriest of Christmases and the
happiest of New Years from all of us!

The Potter Family

May you and your family enjoy all the
warmth and happiness this season has to offer.
Have a wonderful Christmas
and a New Year filled with love.

Sandra and Sidney Potter

Christmas comes but once a year.
It's a special time filled with lots of cheer and joy.
A time for friends and family
to come together joyfully.
We hope your Christmas is filled with peace
and happiness is never out of reach.

Merry Christmas from

the Potter Family

May you have the gift of Faith,
the blessing of Hope,
and the peace of His Love
at Christmas and always.

Sandra and Sidney Potter

What Christmas means to the Potters:
the love of family,
the warmth of good friends,
the joy of giving,
the happiness of children,
the celebration of life,
and peace on earth.

We hope your Christmas is
filled with all these things.

Sandra & Sidney Potter and Family

May you have the Spirit of Christmas
which is Peace,
the Gladness of Christmas
which is Hope,
and the Heart of Christmas
which is Love.

Sandra and Sidney Potter and Family

Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.
- Isaiah 9:6

All of us in the Potter family wish you
a Christmas filled with peace and love
that endures throughout the coming year.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

Sandra, Sidney, Janie, Allie, and Trise

The miracle of holidays and Christmas
remind us of the special people we know.
As we think of you this season
our hearts overflow.
May the warmth of the season
fill your hearts with joy.

Merry Christmas from

Sandra, Sidney, Janie, Allie, and Trise

A special Christmas holidays blessing
to you from the Potter family.

May you enjoy all the happiness the season can bring,
and may His eternal love bring you peace
throughout the coming year.
Bless you, and may you have
a wonderful Christmas.

Sandra and Sidney

Darling delights, cozy nights,
shimmering trim and gifts to treasure.
Wondrous sights, radiant lights,
glimmering greetings and a season of pleasure.

May these and your wish be yours at Christmas.

The Potter Family
Sandra, Sidney, Timmy, Jane, and Tosi

We hope you're filled
with His love
and wrapped
in His peace
as we celebrate
the miracle of His birth.

The Potter Family
Sandra, Sidney, Timmy, Jane, and Tosi

Christmas . . .
A joyous celebration for everyone to share
the warmth and jubilation of knowing that He cares.
We cherish all the tenderness God brings to us each day,
and the joy and happiness He's sent along the way.
May your Christmas be filled
with God's love and great blessings.

Merry Christmas from the Potter family
Sandra, Sidney, Tony, and Jane

A Christmas prayer from
the Potter family.

We pray your spirit is light with hope,
your heart is filled with joy, and
your holiday is blessed with the Glory of God.

May His love bring you peace
at Christmas and always.

Sandra and Sidney Potter

A child sees the world in a fresh new perspective.
The snow is exciting, the trees are beautiful,
and the moon is a mystical ball in the sky.
Through the eyes of a child,
we realize what Christmas is really about –
a celebration of the birth of Christ
and the rebirth of the youthful spirit in all of us.
May you discover the joy and
happiness of the Christmas season.

Sandra, Sidney, Jane, and Hollie Potter

Sandy and Randy would like to invite you to their
5th Annual Christmas Holiday Party

Friday evening, the fifth of December
Hors d'oeuvres from six to seven o'clock
Dinner from seven to nine o'clock
Dancing and Fun from eight to midnight

Collier Estates

Please join us for dinner as we celebrate this season
with joyous and heartfelt traditions t our annual
Holiday Party

Saturday, December 12th 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
745 Hilltop Road, City, ST

Trudy and Rodney Taylor

No Gifts, please, as
our good friend

Come join us for a
Holy Jolly Good Ole Time
At our annual

Holiday Luncheon

Friday, December 12th at noon
Winder Wonderland Café
414 Deer Party Road, City, ST

Hosted by
Hilda and James Hildabrand

RSVP by December 5th 555-555-555

Christmas is coming,
It's time to get in the mood
this year we'll approach decorating
with a new attitude
we want help from all of our friends
and we'll serve drinks, cheer, and food!
A light hanging party
at Chuck and JoAnnes
Saturday, December 16, 2000

Santa Claus is on his way
It's time to prepare for Christmas Day!
as all the children squeal with glee,
Come hang an ornament on our tree!

Please join us for a
Tree Trimming Party
Saturday, December 10th at 3:00 p.m.
The Anderson Home
758 Street name, Ci

Under the stars, beneath the moon
will be a Christmas party you won't forget soon
A party for all so full of cheer
A room full of people we all hold dear
So join us for this Christmas celebration
Forget all your sorrows, worries, frustration
A toast to th

We're having a Christmas party
And the number one guest is you!
There's no one we'd rather have with us,
Not even that jolly old elf.

So put on your scarf and your mittens,
And don't worry 'bout bringing a thing.
There'll be cocoa and cookies and present

When the children are nestled snug in their beds,
And visions of sugar plums dance in their heads,
That's when all the fun will begin!
After all, we have to stay up to let St. Nick in!

We'll have eggnog, goodies, and prizes too,
So come on over, as it's

We would like to invite you and your family
to celebrate this special time of the year,
when we all with have fun with lots of jokes

The Party Xpress
575 Williams Hill Road, City, ST

We don't want a lot for Christmas
All we want for Christmas is your presence

Saturday, December 28th at 8:00 p.m.

Cocktails with Appetizers
123 Southern Avenue, Your City, ST

A savior king was born that day, a baby just like you
And as Santa came with gift, I come with my gift too

Please join us in Celebrating
26th Dec, 21:00 hrs
Chocolate Cafe
21st Street, Your City, ST

Warm up the night with cocktails and carols
Drinks served beginning at 7:00 p.m.
with singing and revelry to follow

In lieu of beautiful voices,
the hosts will also accept above average
dancing or exceptional fruitcake.

(Add Details Here)

Eat, Drink, and Have a Merry Christmas Dinner
with The Spencer's
Dinner will begin promptly at
6 p.m. on December 23rd
Will conclude when all party goers
can no longer eat or drink any longer

RSVP to Claudia Spencer
xxx-xxx-xxxx before Dec 12th

Tis the season to give, thanks and give back
Join our Family on Dec 10, (year) at 8 p.m.
for a soul warming meal.

We will cook for you,
but we ask you to bring a food donation
for the community food bank

Enjoy the season with us and
give others a chance

a time of reflection, a time for good cheer,
a time for friends and family,
during a special time of the year!

You and your guest are cordially invited to our
Annual Christmas Party
Friday, December 14, (year)
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
1215 West 9th

Come to our White Snowman Celebration!
Bring a wrapped present, any wrapped present,
and get a present in return.
In the spirit of Christmas surprises,
feel free to give gifts no one
ever knew they always wanted.

Dinner will be served at 7:30 p.m.
with d

Christmas comes but once a year,
let's get together for some holiday cheer!

Cocktails and Appetizers

Saturday, December 13th
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
995 Woodridge Road, City, ST

Regrets? Jingle us at (555) 555-5555

The Zerclowoskis

Happy Holiday's! Joyeuses Fêtes!
Felices Fiestas! Li Holide Eximnandi!
Jie Ri Yu Kuai!

Please join us for our annual 'Tis the Season
Holiday Party
for fun, food and good conversation
Sunday, December 21st at 6 p.m.
1818 Main Street, City, ST

Sienna and

Grab all your gum drops
and your peppermint sticks,
your gingerbread recipe
and your little bag of tricks!

Join us for a
Gingerbread Holiday Party
Saturday, December 12th
6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
The Timbelton Residence
256 Mystic Dune Road, City, ST

Jackie, Li

You have made this year one to remember,
Wonderful feelings in mid-December

Please join us for a Christmas celebration
on 27th Dec, 19:00 hrs
The Orchid
356 Mystic Road, City, ST

May the warmth of hearth and home
fill your hearts with joy this holiday season!

Please join us for a
Merry Holiday Gathering
Sunday, December 15th at 7:30 p.m.
1656 Idiom Street, City, ST

Billy and Sherrill Heinlein

It wouldn't be Christmas
without you in our home!

Please join us for Dinner
Saturday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m.
12 Terrace Lane, City, ST

Stacy and Donnie

Good friends & good cheer,
it's that time of the year!

Please be our guest at a
Christmas Cocktail Party
Saturday, December 21, (year)
at 6 o'clock in the evening
The Green Hill Mansion
1214 Green Hill Avenue, City, ST

Macy & Ryan Matthew
Regrets: (555)

The decorations are up,
and there's snow on the ground
Now all we need is good neighbors gathered 'round

You are invited for some holiday cheer
to celebrate this time of year

Cocktails and Appetizers
Saturday, December 10th 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Lori & Neil

You're invited for some holiday cheer
to celebrate this special time of year!

Friday, December 20th
7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
515 Hudson Place, City, ST

Beth and Tim Collins
Regrets only to 555-5555

Set your sights on Christmas lights
and eggnog 'round the tree!
Please join us for a night of fun at our annual
"Christmas Celebration"
Sunday, December 16th at 6:00 in the evening
The Home of Lynn and Fred Banks
765 18th Avenue, City, ST

Tips for Your Creative Invitation Wordings for Christmas

We invite you to review our holiday invitation wording samples shown above where you will find these to be very organized and right on point. It takes mere seconds to navigate through the suggested Christmas wording that contain fun rhymes, funny sayings, warm holiday expressions, and more. You are free to use one or more of our examples to design your own phrases, or you can come up with your own after being inspired by the words we offer. Our displayed Xmas invitation cards are also worded so you can simply edit those on the invite you select by inputting the details of your particular fun holiday soiree.

Ideas and Suggestions for Wording Your Christmas Party Invitation Cards

There are usually different approaches for the words on your holiday party invites for Christmas. First, you will definitely want to match overall atmosphere and formality of the event you are hosting. For example, if you are hosting an informal and fun family get together, your words could be more informal with clever and playful holiday sayings. But, if you are having a bit more formal event, like a Christmas dinner where your guests are intended to dress up, your wordings on the invites would be more straightforward. However, even though these are more formal, you can still include some holiday sayings as long as it does not detract from the overall more formal tone.

Informal vs. Formal Tone of Your Holiday Words

Wordings for all Christmas party invites, regardless of formality, are usually festive and express some holiday sentiment. You will need to include the always necessary and standard information: who; what; when; where; and why, along with any special instructions you guests will need or want. For example, if you want your invited guests to contribute to your holiday feast by bringing their specialty dish, or maybe even a specific dress code, be sure and include those details in your customized party invitations. For party celebrations that are going be a bit more informal, you can be much more flexible with your designs and words.

Creating the Proper Tone of Your Christmas Invite Wording

Phrasing your invites with a warm and joyful tone is easier than you might think with our attractive lettering options and our wide array of ink choices. You'll find that the colors of the ink you choose and the font style you select add an extra dimension of meaning to your invite wording. And, after all that adding of words, fonts and type styles, you can instantly preview your custom cards before you pay. Our fully customizable holiday Christmas invite cards are easy to personalize, and you'll find colorful Christmas invitation wording a lot easier by using the free wording resources we provide.