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ensure you include family and friends when planning the religious Christening ceremony for your new bundle of joy

Lots of Free Christening Invitations and Perfectly Worded Invitation Cards

A custom Christening invitation is sent by proud parents as a way of connecting with others and to get everyone together for a religious ceremony and celebration. Religious invitations for Christening symbolize the addition of a brand new member of the family, since many Christenings occur within a few months after the child's birth. These invitation Christening stationery cards also indicate the parent's chosen faith or belief system for their child, and that he will soon become a new member of a church community. That's why we, at, offer only the most elegant and popular invitation selections ideal for such an important religious occasion. Plus, you can rely on our large database of religious invitation wordings ideas and samples for Christening ceremonies and celebrations.

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Custom Christening Invitation with Biblical Verses

As you consider expressions to add to your invite cards, of course some of the best phrases and quotations will be biblically based. You can use phrases like "Children are a gift from the Lord," from Psalm 127:3, or you might like a quote from Luke like "Whoever welcomes a child in My name, welcomes Me." Look for biblical references about Baptism and children specifically. Our patented features enable you to add expressions to your stationary cards, so you can use one or more quotes if you desire. Our gigantic data base of sample invitation wordings offers lots more choices to choose from.

Free Christening Invites Personalizations - The font you select for your stationery shares the formality of this religious event. You can choose from cursive scripts and elegant fonts to make your invitation cards look attractive and event-appropriate. You can match the ink colors to your design, or to the gender of your child since we let you choose the color of the ink on the cards too. Keeping your cost down is important, which is why we offer 10 free cards and free shipping with quantity purchase.

Our printable invitations for Christening ceremony and celebrations are fully customizable, making them as unique as your child.