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Cancellations, Returns & Printing Errors


Cancellations are costly to everyone, so please read our Cancellations, Returns and Printing Policy carefully as you will be ask to agree and accept these policies before you can complete your order. If you have any questions on our policies, please call 337.456.4683 regarding these policies. ALL cancellations must receive a cancellation number from our office. NO EXCEPTION! If an order is canceled after it has been submitted, but before it has been printed, you will be refunded the amount paid LESS:

  •   *  the cost of any products that have been already been printed and / or shipped early, PLUS
  •   *  any charges incurred prior to cancellation, PLUS
  •   *  a $25.00 non-refundable cancellation fee and PLUS
  •   *  a 25% restocking fee (based on the TOTAL COST of Your Order).

There is No Cancellation or Refund of an Order After it has Been:

  •   *  Approved for Printing;
  •   *  Printed; OR
  •   *  Shipped.

If you have approved your proof for printing, you may NOT cancel your order and receive ANY refunds. To avoid incurring these fees, please be sure to read ALL the "fine print" contained in our ordering process BEFORE submitting your order. All information contained on this website applies to all orders submitted whether you have actually read the information or not or whether verbally expressed or not. No exceptions.


Due to the personalized nature of all our products, we cannot accept any Returns. NO exceptions. Please refer to the Cancellation, Returns & Printing Errors Policy for charges incurred if an order has been canceled after it has been submitted, but before it has been processed. There are NO refunds or returns of any blank stock at any time. Blank stock orders are processed as soon as they are received and in some instances, shipped within minutes of receiving your order. Blank orders may also be drop shipped from our suppliers directly to you. We do not allow returns of blank stock for one very good reason - Do you want to buy returned, previously handled and "shipped all the place" invitations? We don't so, so we don't try to resell them to you, our customers, either.

Once your order has left our office, we have no control over what happens to them. We cannot take back items that have bent corners or other possible damage and try to resell them. I'm sure you, as our customer, would not appreciate receiving less than perfect products, so we will never try to sell them to you. We are well aware that other companies take back everything, but the hidden costs and customer disappointment in receiving less than perfect products raises prices for everyone. If you have any questions on blank stock design, paper characteristics, colors, etc., please call us at 337.456.4683 or email us your question before placing your order.

Printing Errors

We will make every effort to ensure your order is printed just as it is shown on your FREE proof that you have approved to print. If your printed order is incorrect when you received it due to:

  • the information was not printed exactly as you approved on Your proof, OR
  • in the case where a Proof was not requested or submitted, your cards were not printed with the information exactly as you submitted in your order.

We will reprint your order at no charge to you the Same Day. Any reprints due to errors on our part, will be shipped to you the same shipping method as your first order. If your first order was shipped via Ground, the reprint will also be sent via Ground. You may upgrade the shipping based on our published shipping charges.

If your printed order is incorrect when you received it because the cards contained:

  • error(s) that originated from the information submitted on your initial Order,
  • omission(s)s that were not on your submitted Order OR
  • errors you did not correct in the proof when you approved it to print, regardless of the origin of the error.

Subject to your approval, the order will be reprinted at 75% of the original costs and shipped the SAME DAY. Additional shipping charge will also be incurred and any applicable Louisiana sales tax charges.

Reduce Quantity

When you place an order, we try to ensure that your order is completed quickly, efficiently, correctly, and on time. Once you order has been submitted, all departments begin their respective tasks, including pulling the stock for your order in the quantity that appears on your order form. If you want to reduce the quantity of other features of your order, there will be a processing fee of $15.00 to make those changes. However, for refunds of $15.00 or less, we reserve the right to increase your quantity of cards to make up for that difference instead of crediting back to your credit card.