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after setting the moving date, you'll want to determine the best to announce your new business address to the world

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Moving your company or business is stressful enough without having to be overly concerned about your customers, suppliers, and clients finding you in your new location. Not too long ago, folks would generally find out about a business' new address from simply a hand-written note on a window all boarded-up. However, in today's more modern times there are lots of ways to make this notification that are much more efficient, effective, and, most of all,  professional.

After the date of your company move has been set and your new address finalized, you'll want to determine how best to announce your business address to the world. Your announcement wordings should include the date of your new address on your email footers and on your business' answering machine, if used, and it should also be featured on your website. And, just to be safe, you might want to include directions to your new location using the major routes in the area so your current and new customers can find you easily and readily.

As you are considering ways to announce your business address change, you will want to prepare a list of all the various other communication channels available for reaching your current and new customers. Consider these as possible means of announcing your business move:

  • The most popular and professional way is to create your own custom business moving announcements and send one to each of your business customers and contacts. These custom announcements for company moves might cost a bit extra, it's definitely a good idea to send them out. After all, these corporate move announcements stand out and make folks take note of your change of address.
  • Use your email and mailing lists to notify all of your business contacts between four and six month before you move, and then again around two weeks before the actual relocation.
  • Use social media outlets and update your address on your Facebook and other accounts. As you are updating your Twitter account, you can even send out tweets updating your followers regarding your move.
  • For those who use newsletters, you will certainly want to include a very visible announcement of your relocation.
  • Be sure to announce your move with your new address in all types of advertisement.
  • Determine if your local Chamber of Commerce includes business moving announcements in their newsletter. If they do, be sure and ask them to include yours.
  • You might even consider placing a special ad in your local newspaper for announcing your new address.
  • And, there's that always used change of address with the United States Postal Service. This is one final means of ensuring all of your mail will be forwarded to you as soon as you've completed the move of your business.

For most businesses and companies, you'll want to hold some sort of special opening celebration or relocation sale so your current clients and customers, and, hopefully new ones in the area, have an incentive to pay you a visit at your new location. This will help you keep your former customers and gain new ones. It's an ideal time to treat your move as a celebration, and make it a business opportunity. However, I would not attempt to combine the custom company opening party invitations with your business moving announcement cards, as it might be just a bit too much.